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Harvesters Poker Game Turns Serious


This week the Harvesters are playing cards on a boat when they talk about another game called “Sink Your Ship”. Wrong subject to play on a boat, don’t you think?! This game has some serious implications. It’s called Employee Retention, and that’s no game. At the end of the clip they have an incredible handout for you regarding the “Key Steps for Employee Retention”. Hope this helps you to Harvest Your Potential! To receive the employee retention […]

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Leaders Are Readers


One thing leaders have in common is that they are readers. The Harvesters are going to feature an awesome magazine that many leaders get. Do you? Check it out by clicking below. For the first three viewers that email us, we will send a one year subscription to Success Magazine with our compliments. Just email: and ask. Learn more about the Harvest Way Academy

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Are Your Customers Always Right?


Watch this week as the Harvesters talk about whether or not your customers are always right. Or could it be you just don’t have the right customers? They are going to talk about a pretty cool tool they created called the “Harvest Customer Selection Criteria”. This will really help to avoid the customers that someone else should really be taking care of. At the end of the video there’s going to be a link so you can […]

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What’s Your “One Thing”?


What’s the one thing you need to accomplish today that will make a difference in your company? Watch the Harvesters this week as they offer some great time management tips and feature a book called, yes you guessed it, “The One Thing”. After you watch this clip, check out the gift they are offering below. Have a great week! For the first three viewers that email us, we will send the book mentioned in the video with […]

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Simple Training Tips


This week Harvester Bill is with Jay Murray of LS Training System. It is an online course to help train all of your crew members in both safety and operations. Watch and listen as they explain what “OTC” means, and how you can apply it to your company. If you want further information on training systems, Jay’s web site is listed below as well as his personal email address. Helping You Harvest Your Potential, Head Harvesters Bill […]

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Six Top Industry Leaders Offer Great Advice


Watch this week as The Harvesters ask six top landscape leaders the question, “What advice do you have for your fellow landscapers?” We think you will find this revealing and insightful. Do you or your managers need landscape business wisdom and “know how”? Then we invite you to check out the Harvest Way Academy! It’s an online learning center that can be accessed 24/7 on just about every subject for operating your landscaping business. Our academy is […]

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Consider Doing Customer Focus Groups


Watch this week as the Harvesters talk about the merits of holding customer focus groups. In this brief clip you are going to learn how to hold your own focus groups, along with some sample questions you could use. You will be able to download these questions at the end. Before you dismiss this idea, read on… These focus groups are easy to hold and always stimulate new work. For example, in one focus group the property […]

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Why Employees Leave Your Company


Watch this week as the Harvesters review why employees may leave your company. Some of the reasons are not in your control, but many are. What a shame if they leave and it is your fault! Listen in as they give some suggestions to help. Note: At the end of the clip you can download a “model” Harvest Exit Interview for those that do leave. We are sorry but this document is no longer available for download […]

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Training Programs Are Essential


It’s Harvester Bill and Jay Murray talking about the LS Training System this week. They just finished an awesome round of golf in San Diego. Hey, where’s Harvester Ed? Hmm, probably shoveling snow back on the East Coast! In the video they are talking about the importance of training. Before you begin – the question is, what result do you want to achieve from your training program? Watch this brief clip as they talk about the most […]

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Understanding Gross Margin


The Harvesters are always talking about the importance of gross margin. Watch this week as they explain exactly what it is, and why it’s so hugely important. If you want to learn more about this “key indicator” in how to price your work, job cost, and have a profit & loss statement that has an accurate gross margin – just click the link below. It’s all in The Harvest Academy. Check it out! Learn more about the […]

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