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Are You Winning or Losing Money in Your Business?


Would you go to a ball game where they didn’t keep score? If you’re going to play ”the great game of landscaping” you better keep  score! Watch this 2 minute clip where the Harvesters provide 3 tips to make sure your financial house is in order.   Learn more about the Harvest Way Academy

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Great Customer Walk-Throughs = $$$


This week the Harvesters are going to review the 3 key areas in having great customer walk-throughs.     They are:   Preparation  Presentation  Follow up   At the end of the clip there is a downloadable paper they wrote, that will put “meat on the bones” on this subject.  You can’t get this information anywhere else!   P.S. Good thing they’re landscapers and not fisherman……LOL. Learn more about the Harvest Way Academy To receive the Walk Through Procedures please fill out […]

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Are Your Customers Paying On Time?


You know what they say, “Cash is King”.  Are your customers paying on time? No? Listen in as The Harvesters talk about an accounts receivable process to bring your money in on time.   It’s only $10 to check out The Harvest Academy – just click here.  

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Planning = Profit!


Have you done your 2014 business plan? Less than 3% of the companies we polled do any planning. That’s like packing the family up for a vacation without a destination!  All owners feel it’s really important, yet they don’t take the time to do it. Why? Perhaps they just don’t know what, or how to plan. To help, watch this brief video. Following it, The Harvesters are making available to you a free downloadable planning outline. Also, […]

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Do You Know What Makes a Successful Company?


The Harvesters interview 7 of the brightest people in the landscape industry today, all in hugely successful businesses, and ask, “What Makes a Successful Company Successful?” Do you know? Why not jot down what you think before you watch and compare. They didn’t hear each others answers, but it’s unanimous! If you spend time, energy and focus on their words of wisdom, you too will be on your way to a truly successful company. Watch as Harvester […]

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Stop the Cash Crunch!


Every spring and early summer many companies get into a “cash crunch”. Remember, “cash is king” so don’t let this happen to you. Watch as the Harvesters give practical ideas to help prevent this problem, so you have “smoother sailing” this season. P.S. Did you miss our ‘Save the Customer’ video? Here is what Kelly said about it: “Great information, so glad I watched this until the end for a good laugh! LOL.” Check it out here! Don’t forget […]

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Create Better Employee Ads


The Harvesters have a whale of an idea. Most companies use transactional ads looking for good people, but they don’t “hook” the good ones with those. Instead, try what we call “warm and fuzzy ads”, you’ll get better response and and you may land a “big one”. Watch the Harvesters in this brief clip and they’re going to offer a free downloadable sample of just what they’re talking about along with some websites you may not be […]

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Time Doesn’t Stop!


Are you making the best use of your time?  Spending the majority on high level activities? Use a few minutes of your time to watch The Harvesters as they offer excellent advice on making the best use of your time.

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Save The Customer!


What do you do when you or your crew really mess up? Can you save the customer? This one minute video outlines the four “must do’s” to turn the situation around and save the day! Also, check out The Harvest Way Academy for more on building “Fiercely Loyal Customers”. The link is right after the video!   Click to learn more about The Harvest Way Academy.

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Schmooze Your Customers – But How?


Our goal should be to build fiercely loyal customers. But how? By schmoozing them! But we can’t do that unless we know them. Yes, really know them. With the right questions we can learn what makes them tick and this will help draw them to us, to become our friends. Friends buy from friends! Enter your info below for some sample questions to help you accomplish this.

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