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What Are Your “HAWS”?


This week watch as the Harvesters explain a very important part of understanding your direct cost. It is your “HAWS”. Don’t know what that means? Watch this brief clip and they will explain! They really had some fun with this one, but it’s a serious matter that most owners and managers don’t know. Soon you will be in the know! So, when you see one of the Harvesters, they are going to ask you what your “HAWS” […]

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What OSHA Records Are Required?


Is your company required to fill out OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) forms? Many owners are unaware of the requirements and reporting for OSHA. They think that they are small companies and don’t need to fill them out. Watch this week as the Harvesters HR Expert Steve Cesare, Ph.D reviews which records are absolutely necessary, and what size companies are required to fill them out to be in compliance. Learn more about the Harvest Way Academy

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E-Newsletters Are Cost Effective (cheap!) And Work!


This week the Harvesters feature Head Harvester Cindy Code (from the Midwest) as she explains how E-Newsletters can reduce the amount of money you are spending on marketing. It’s an effective and easy way to keep in touch with existing clients and reach new prospects. Listen in as she offers some “do’s and don’ts” along with some excellent tips on how to approach it. If you said you “just don’t have time”, well she has a great […]

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Always Be Recruiting


It’s all about people, so always be recruiting! Watch this week as the Harvesters give some reminders to “always be recruiting”. They are going to offer some helpful hints on how to find those much needed people. For much more information on the subject, click the link below and check out The Harvest Academy. See you next week. Learn more about the Harvest Way Academy

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Should You Use Consultants?


Watch this week as the Harvesters ask seven landscape industry leaders the question, “Do you use consultants in your company?” Listen carefully to each, as you may find their answers enlightening. Learn more about the Harvest Way Academy

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Required OSHA Records


Join the Harvesters as Harvester Steve Cesare reviews the records required by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). We’re not talking about CD’s here! Now seriously, listen up – this is some important information. Hope you had a great week! Learn more about the Harvest Way Academy

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Want To Grow Your Company?


Grow your company with a written marketing plan. Watch this short video as the Harvesters talk about the basics of creating a marketing plan for the upcoming season. Of course there’s a lot more to it, as people go to school for years to get degrees on the subject. However, if you want to learn how to create your own plan from successful landscapers with 40 years of experience, click on the Harvest Academy below. The lesson […]

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Safety is Not An Accident


Look in on a discussion the Harvesters are having at the GIC in Louisville, KY in October 2014. They will give us reminders about the key elements of a safety program. Is your safety training program in place for 2015? If not, contact PLANET for their 100 safety tailgate meetings. You can also join their STARS program. If you’re not a member, then maybe it’s time to join! While you’re planning your new years resolutions, why not […]

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Landscape Leaders Offer Their Best Practices


This week watch as the Harvesters ask seven landscape leaders the question, “What are your three best practices?”. Listen carefully and see if they match yours. We are here to help you “Harvest Your Potential”.

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Do You Have a People Plan?


A people plan is really an organization chart (Org Chart), or reporting structure. It shows who reports to whom, what hats they are wearing, and more. Watch this week as the Harvesters give tips on the why’s and how’s of building your Org Chart. It’s an essential tool for every company. Need a sample to check out? No problem! After the video, you can click and download a sample used for a $3 million dollar company. Learn […]

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