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How Much Do You Value Knowledge?


Knowledge is Power! This week The Harvesters have a special treat. They are interviewing clients and Harvest Academy Members that traveled from Pune, India to attend the GIC in Louisville, Kentucky! Watch as they interview Devendra Jagtap, the owner of Jagtap Nursery, and Sonali Samuel, their landscape operations manager for the 110 person department. The company employs another 90 people in their extensive nursery and garden center. They traveled 15 hours to attend the GIC. Listen carefully […]

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It’s Time To Plan!


As the winter approaches most companies throughout the country are “catching their breath” after a busy season. We’re sure that’s true with you as well. There is so much to do. What do you tackle first? In order to help determine priorities, it’s best to STOP for a day or so and create a working plan for the next twelve months. Watch this week as the Harvesters give you the 9 key steps for holding a successful […]

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Are Your Contracts Valid?


Has a contract attorney reviewed your contracts? In many states, without certain legal clauses in your contract, they may be invalid. Have you checked? This week the Harvesters talk about the importance of having contracts and making sure a good contract attorney has reviewed them. They also suggest some great tips that can save you a ton of time and money. Note: At the end of the video you can download their white paper that details 13 […]

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What Keeps You Awake at Night?


Watch as the Harvesters garner answers from leaders in the industry about what keeps them awake at night. Are they the same things you worry about? Watch and see. Comment below or join us at, and let us know what’s keeping you awake at night. Learn more about the Harvest Way Academy

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Are Your WC Classifications Correct?


Watch this week as the Harvesters speak with David Bloodgood from LCIS. He’s the VP of sales and knows a thing or two about Workers Compensation classifications. In this short clip he’s referring to California WC law. Check with your insurance carrier for the classes in your state. When the Harvesters do company assessments, they find many classification mistakes that really drive up the cost. So, check yours out to be sure you are in the lowest […]

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Learn From Others Mistakes


What’s the biggest mistake you have ever made? Watch as Harvester Bill introduces part of our leadership series. This week, watch as seven prominent industry leaders admit some of the mistakes they have made over the years. Noted writer Brandon Mull said, “Smart people learn from their mistakes. But the really sharp ones learn from the mistakes of others.” Let’s join the “really sharp ones” and listen carefully. If you would like to make comments, please reply […]

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Time Card Omissions Can Be Costly!


In today’s litigious society, as employers, it’s important we have our time cards filled out correctly and with the proper “attestations”. This week, watch as the Harvesters offer tips to make sure you are in full compliance with the law. At the end of the video you can download a sample time sheet that Harvester Steve prepared that has them all. Check with your state to be sure you are in full compliance. Employee law suits can […]

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How to Save Money on Insurance


Can you save money on insurance? This week the Head Harvesters talk with David Bloodgood, VP of Sales with LCIS, Landscape Contractors Insurance Services, headquartered in Fresno, California. In this brief video, they are going to cover insurance MOD’s (modification rate). They will tell you what it is and how to lower it and save money. After the video you can download a white paper David prepared about MOD rates. You can use it as part of […]

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Investigate Before You Terminate


There is an incredible amount of potential liability these days for terminating (firing) a person in your employ. Watch this week as the Harvesters talk about what to consider before you terminate, in order to totally minimize that reality. At the end of the clip you can download a list of some important things to consider to keep you out of trouble. Remember, “Hire slow, fire fast”. Well, not too fast. We are sorry but this document […]

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What’s an I-9 Form?


You most likely know what an I-9 form is, but are you filling it out correctly? Harvester Steve says that he HAS NEVER audited company I-9 forms that were filled out correctly. The potential fine for mistakes on a form is as much as $1,100 for every mistake! You just may want to watch The Harvesters today as they review some of the requirements in the law, as well as a great download at the end of […]

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