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What’s In Your Pre-Employment Packet?


Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork…..but it’s necessary. Especially in regards to employee pre and post employment. Watch the Harvesters this week as Harvester Steve, our HR expert, takes the lead in talking about pre-employment packets. At the end of this brief video you can download the official Harvester list of what we think should be in it. Wait until you see it! Contact Steve To Receive the New Employee Checklist please fill out the form below: Learn more about […]

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Referral Rewards Program – A MUST!


This week the Harvesters are going to talk about how to reward those kind folks that refer work to you. Why? Well, that’s simple! Besides it being the right thing to do, they’re going to keep referring you! Watch or listen in for some awesome tips on how to start your own simple “referral rewards program”. Below the brief video there’s a FREE download from Ed Laflamme’s book Green Side Up called, “Keep Referrals Rolling In The […]

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Do You Need An Orientation Program?


Are new people quitting your company after the first few days of work? Do they feel lost thinking this is just a “job” with no future? Watch this week as the Harvesters talk about the importance of proper “on boarding”, with a good orientation program. At the end of their brief video, download The Harvest Orientation Checklist. It’s simple, yet complete. For more cool forms and specific business information, check out the Harvest Academy. Just click the […]

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Landscapers – Are You Environmentally Compliant?


Today the Harvesters are going to offer some really constructive advice regarding environmental compliance. You might be thinking “Huh? Environmental what?” Yes, compliance. They’re talking about chemicals. Landscapers are “stewards of the earth” and need to be compliant with the laws and more. So, watch carefully to learn, be proactive, stay out of trouble and be good stewards. P.S. If you haven’t checked out the Harvest Academy, now is the time. The information in there will blow […]

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Want to Double Your Sales?


In most sales presentations customers offer objections. Ever wonder how many there can be? Do you know them? Do you think you could close more sales if you knew them and practiced great responses? This week watch as the Harvesters talk about this, and also a great sales book that you may want to invest in. Need a jump start in writing your list of objections? Just fiil out the form below and get a little help […]

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Four Essentials to Win at Business


Getting proficient in the fundamentals of golf, or any game for that matter, is essential. Watch as the Harvesters review the four fundamentals that will help you win at the great game of business! Learn more about the Harvest Way Academy

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Create Loyalty – Use the “10-15 Report”


This week the Harvesters are going to talk about their infamous “10-15 report”. Bill has been using this tool for some 25 years. It’s a way to engage, create loyalty and stay close with your managers. If you want a copy of the report just fill out the form after the video and you’ll have it! P.S. Do you think Bill really made that long of a putt? Don’t tell him I told you, just watch to the […]

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Are Your Job Applications Legal?


The Harvesters are going to talk about job applications this week. Are yours legal? Watch this brief video and get their advice. Click on the link at the bottom and get a Sample Job Application. But remember, have it checked by a labor attorney in your state. Learn more about the Harvest Way Academy To receive the sample job application please fill out the form below:

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Six Crucial Questions


There are six questions leaders should know and impart to their teams. These questions can drive amazing results. Watch this quick clip, and download the questions at the end for yourself and your managers. Also, click the link below and check out our Academy. There’s an abundant amount of information just like this. Give it a try now! Fill out the form below to download the six questions. Learn more about the Harvest Way Academy

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Do You Use Job Offer Letters?


Some companies use job offer letters, and others don’t. What about you? Some states require them. Does yours? Should your company use them? Watch this brief clip below as the Harvesters offer insight on the subject. If you need a job offer form, you can download one after the video with our compliments. Need other forms? There are tons in The Harvest Way Academy! Check it out and see for yourself. To receive the Sample Job Offer […]

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