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Bill Arman, West Coast: 949.466.8837
Ed Laflamme, East Coast: 203.858.4696
Steve Cesare, HR Harvester: 760.685.3800
Cindy Code, PR Harvester: 440-463-6445
Fred Haskett, Harvester: 619-665-7854

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I am interested in learning more on how a The Harvest Group can help me solve my challenges with:
 Getting More Sales
 Recruiting: Finding the Right People
 Ways to Retain and Grow My Good People
 Making More Money
 Doing Better Quality Work Consistently
 Getting Unstuck and Growing Again
 Building a Client Relations Program to Retain the Right Customers
 Human Resources Issues
 Compliance Issues
 Safety Records
 Selling My Company

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 Yes! I'd like to have a FREE one hour telephone consulting session to review ways the Harvesters can grow my business, please contact me as soon as possible.

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Head Harvester West Coast
Bill Arman – Email

Head Harvester East Coast
Ed Laflamme – Email

Head HR Harvester Steve
Steve Cesare Ph.D – Email

Head PR Harvester Cindy
Cindy Code – Email

Head Harvester Fred
Fred Haskett – Email