Webinar: How to Prescreen and Interview Potential Employees



How to Prescreen and Interview
Potential Employees

The Keys to Hiring Great People

You will learn:

What are the key indicators to look for in every resume.

How to stop wasting time with prospective employees that
are not qualified.

Learn the questions you should ask and not ask in an interview.

What you need to find out about every candidate.

Remember the one thing you must do before you hire anyone

Bill was the Vice President for The ValleyCrest Company’s and has reviewed over 100,000 resumes, personally screened and interviewed over 5,000 employee candidates in his career.

Ed hired hundreds of employees during his 30 year career in growing the largest landscape company in Connecticut.

These Harvesters know a thing or two about hiring. By attending this webinar you will gain practical insight you will need for all your future hiring. Just click below and sign up to attend.