Webinar: How To Price Your Services




Almost everything you need to know about pricing!

Getting to the right price is critical to the success of your business.

  • Are you sure you are pricing your jobs correctly?
  • Are you leaving money “on the table”?
  • Do you lose jobs by pricing too high or underpricing and losing money?


During this “virtual workshop,” you will be able to ask questions as the material is being taught and find out the answer to pricing questions that you may have wondered about.  

During this Webinar you will also learn:  

  • To price your work regardless of your market or services.
  • How easy it is to know if you made money every day.
  • That each department should charge different rates.

Remember that pricing is a strategy not a science and we will cover exactly what that means and how you need, ‘pricing ranges” so you are flexible based on the type of job and circumstances.  

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