Webinar: Proven Ways to Increase Profit



25+ Proven Ways
To Increase Your Profit


Presented by Ed Laflamme & Bill Arman of The Harvest Group


Imagine being on the deck of a grand yacht (that you’ve hired with a crew) as the sun sets in the Caribbean – there’s a slight breeze over the water and the air temperature is perfect.  You take in the smell of the salt water in the air as you look forward to a great dinner.  You’re on a long vacation with your family and you’re thinking, it doesn’t get better than this.

How is this possible? 

Thinking back like it was yesterday — You attended the webinar produced by the Harvest Group called, “25+ Proven Ways to Increase Your Profits!”

  • Working 24/7 with very low profits.
  • Having terrible cash flow problems
  • Not being sure how to price your work
  • Wondering how you were going to meet payroll each week
  • Being concerned if your department was making money

What a difference a year makes.

  • Net profits have tripled
  • Cash flow is no longer a problem
  • You discovered where you were making and losing money

Rewind back to today…

Whether you’ve been in business for years or just starting out – this webinar will immediately help increase your profits.  These two Harvesters have over 85 years of landscape experience between them and they are going to give you ideas to double, triple, maybe even quadruple your profits this year!

Many of things they are going to include are to…

  • Make sure you have the right type of sales.
  • A simple way to price your work to make sure you’re making money every day.
  • Many ways to significantly reduce your un-billable hours to reduce your labor.


The Harvest Way Membership


If after attending the webinar you feel you didn’t receive ideas that saved you at least the cost of the webinar – The Harvesters will refund your money – NO QUESTIONS ASKED.  That’s how sure they are that you will receive incredible value for your one hour.

Get ready for a jammed pack hour that just may change your business and your life!  The concepts given are so simple yet profound.  It just may change the way you do business.


Does that great Caribbean vacation sound unrealistic – totally unaffordable? It’s not, just click the link below, attend their webinar, and it can be a reality!

Don’t miss this powerful webinar!

Your investment is: $97

FREE For Current Harvest Way Academy Members
& Private One-to-One Harvest Clients
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