Tour Of Best In Class Landscape Company

Have you ever visited a large best in class company, you know with 150 to 200 other attendees only to be shuffled from station to station trying to hear and not even any time for your questions?  I have and it’s cool in many respects but can be frustrating and expensive.  I had to pay for the plane, hotel, car rental, meals and take two and sometimes three days out of my crazy schedule.

So I was thinking, maybe there’s a better way. What if we went to some of these best in class companies and videoed the owner and managers, we would have time to ask all the questions we want. Then we could produce videos that were truly meaningful, interesting and landscape owners, big or small could really learn from.

We spoke to Lawn & Landscape Magazine about the idea and they loved it.  But what will we call this?  The Harvesters have to admit what they came up with was genius, they named it, Backstage Pass. That was perfect.  The viewers would in a sense be in the backstage of the event, seeing what really happens with each company.

The folks from Lawn & Landscape and The Harvesters set up a meeting with the Verizon Connect team in Chicago to present the idea.   They loved it as well!   We immediately went to work planning.  We all agreed that visiting three best in class companies in 2019 would be perfect.  Our vision was to visit companies that were each a bit different, you know with a different focus, and that’s what you are going to see.

Check out the first group of videos that’s on the Lawn & Landscape website.  We visited Park West Landscape in Southern California.  This company is truly amazing, their sales are some $200 million dollars a year and run like a well-oiled machine.  Can you believe seventy million in maintenance alone?  You are going to pick up some just brilliant ideas from these videos that we never heard another company doing. It doesn’t matter if you are a small or large company you will be able to use these concepts and that’s why they are so beneficial for your company.

Ok, ready – pop the corn sit back and relax, (we suggest with an idea pad) and enjoy the show, not from the audience but from the Backstage cause now you have the Pass!  Hey maybe you can have your entire team watch these videos together…that will really get the juices flowing!

The Harvesters…. hope these videos will help you, Harvest Your Potential.

See Episodes Over At Lawn & Landscape


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