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Are your position and message on point? And, more importantly, do your prospective customers even know what your company’s position and message are? If they can’t go to your website and figure out in a matter of seconds what you’re all about as a company—and what makes you different from your competition—then you may lose them as a customer. Prospective customers start forming opinions about your company within the very first glance of the homepage of your website. As a result, you want to make sure that your company’s position, and subsequent messaging, is totally on point.

While it sounds simple enough, it’s quite common for landscape businesses to convey a convoluted message about “who they are” as a company. Sometimes this is because they are trying to be too many things to too many people. Other times it’s just that they’ve never really taken the time to refine their position.

If your company’s position and message need refinement, then an outsider’s point of view could be invaluable in polishing it to perfection. We have guided many landscape businesses in developing a clear position that lets prospects know who they are and what they do. It is this position that will also help guide the company’s content, all of which feeds into their overall messaging. These elements are critical in the overall success of your company’s marketing strategy.

Harvester Chris Darnell

If closing sales in the digital era feels as though it eludes you, you’re not alone. In a day and age where it’s nearly impossible to get valuable face-time anymore, even the most successful “closers” in the Landscape and Snow Removal Industry say they’ve had to adapt their strategies to succeed. Of course, keeping up with the everchanging digital environmental is no small feat. On top of all of the other responsibilities, you have in running your business, developing a sales and marketing strategy that is adapted to the newest technology—and will be able to reach clients of younger generations—may sound downright overwhelming.

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