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How Maple Hill Lawn & Garden Created Success With Technology

When asked about life before fleet tracking solution, Bobby says, “Well, it was a big mystery. A lot of it was crossing your fingers and hoping to goodness that the bottom line panned out the way you wanted it at the end of each day, month, and then the year. We did the best we could with paper documentation, but there was a lot of chance for error and dishonesty.”


6 Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking

Give yourself peace of mind and the edge you need to grow your landscaping business with GPS fleet tracking.

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How to Help Build a COVID-19-Ready Fleet with Fleet Tracking Technology

From monitoring fuel costs and vehicle movement to tracking COVID-19-affected areas, GPS tracking technology and its features can be a helpful tool for drivers, managers and fleet owners. In this ebook, you will find practical use cases of a fleet management solution that will help you navigate this emergency or any other in the future.

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The How and Why of Leveraging Connected Fleet Technology

Businesses of any kind need to be prepared for any and all eventualities. Fleet businesses have the dual responsibility of running a business and an efficient fleet operation. With tenacity and intelligent tools, fleet businesses can tide over any emergency, and in fact use the downtime to prepare for the uptime.

In this on-demand webinar you will learn:

  • How to use features of a fleet management solution to build a strong foundation for your fleet business.
  • How reports and data can be used to keep an eye on minute details of a fleet business.
  • How fleet tracking technology can help reign in cost and build resilience in your fleet organization.

This recorded webinar is a part of our very popular webinar. Click here to see the first part where, Ken Jack, VP of Verizon fleet talks about navigating the tough times as a fleet organization.

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Mathew Long, Head of Product Success, North America, Verizon Connect

Field service management software

With Reveal Field from Verizon Connect, you can schedule and manage service requests, dispatch them to field technicians,

and provide more accurate ETAs to customers.