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To give you a better idea of what we do and how our methods have helped people like you to harvest their potential — we’ve picked real examples from real companies. The following videos and case studies show some of the challenges our clients faced, the steps we took to help them meet them, and the results they produced.

It’s a whole new way of thinking about your business.” – Terry Delany

“The Harvest Group has always been there as a resource for my company.” – Wendy Lindquist

It’s been fantastic to have an outside ‘brain’ looking through our organization.” – Neil Bates

Thanks again for the Harvest Way Planning for Profit workbook you sent to us. This plan outline has some great info and we have used it to build our 2013 game plan. With this plan we will definitely be Planning for Profit!

– Flavio Velez, LandGraphics

After 25 years in business we hired Bill Arman from the Harvest Group, and he has brought our company to the next level.  We made a few key, fundamental changes in the way we operate our landscaping and snow removal business.  Three years later we have almost doubled our sales, and we simply have a better business: more organized, efficient and responsive to our clients’ needs.
– Jay Murray, President, TLC Professional Landscaping

Cloudy, Rain, Clear and Other Common Conditions:

Extreme Landscape Makeovers

Type & size:
Residential design-build landscape company with $2 million annual revenue.
This company was rolling along pretty well, focusing on new homes.As the Southern California economy changed however, the competition for this market became fierce, with a shift towards low-price shoppers. Revenue dropped like a stone and what little work did sell, did so at very slim margins.
Dropping revenue and margins; and market niche had disappeared.
Our Solution:
After several months of hard work, we developed a creative branding program and consistent quality delivery process that helped the company transform itself and develop a new market niche, “extreme landscape makeovers.”
Sales stabilized and gross margins increased by 20%.

The reason I chose Ed was because he’s not a made-up guy. With a lot of the other consultants there’s a lot of flash and not a lot of substance. Ed’s got such a breadth of knowledge. He’s got every area covered.

– Rud Mason, Owner Princeton Scapes

Quality, Not Quantity

Type & size:
Established, 30-year-old maintenance company with $5 million annual revenue.
After 30 years in the business this company had hit the wall in revenue growth and gross margins were low. Extra work sales were not what they should be. And they were over stocked with one market customer type.
The company desperately needed a makeover, a new identity to help get the existing book of business up to par and to develop new market customer types. Plus, extra work sales needed to be brought up to speed.
Our Solution:
We focused on raising the quality of the service, installing a quality assurance program that gave specific feed back to all crews and field leaders. The quality reviews uncovered extra work opportunities and proposal presentation skills were integrated into the business. Now, each job receives a financial review and a course is set to achieve higher margins.
Contract sales rose 15%; extra work sales went up and are expected to reach the goal increase of 30%. Plus, the quality of work improved and retention rate is over 90%.

Diversify and Conquer

Type & size:
Landscape construction, golf course irrigation and maintenance company with $10 million annual revenue
Slumping economy caused major drop in construction and golf course irrigation work.
This company needed to diversify with its construction work and build its maintenance division.
Our Solution:
The Harvest Assessment identified key areas for improvement and an action plan was put in to play. The Harvester recruited a senior business developer, who was added to the team. Now, the focus is on getting construction work that feeds the maintenance division with long-term clients. We also set up estimating procedures as well as a construction turn over process and put a maintenance program in place.
These improvements have already positioned the company for long-term, sustainable success. This was all accomplished in the first 45 days.
“I just wanted to let you know how much i appreciate the time we spent together and your assesment.  It was everything I expected and much more.  I have reviewed the areas that need my immediate attention and have a plan in place to make these changes.  After earning my degree in landscape contracting and starting my business 15 years ago, I have become stagnant, frustrated, and poor.  Since your visit I have a renewed faith and that little ticklish feeling in the pit of my stomach like i had 15 years ago.  The difference this time around is I have the Harvest Group, one my company’s biggest assets.  There is no stoping me now!”  – Wes Roberts

Green Acres

Type & Size:
Small full-service landscape company.
A former marketing director of an international company gave up the corporate world for the freedom of his own landscaping business but was struggling and thinking about giving up.
A strong marketing background was certainly helpful but operations, personnel and finance skills needed honing.
Our Solution:
The Harvest Assessment revealed the areas which most needed improvement.  He immediately decided to become a Harvest Member, and we began to systematically work on his most urgent items.
At the end of the year the company was profitable, with a much smoother running operation that has doubled in size!

“I Don’t Want To Grow, Just Make More Money”

Type & Size:
Well-established landscape architect, in business ten years.
Plenty of business, and didn’t want to grow any larger; the goal was to make more money in the existing business.
An analysis of every part of the company revealed the sales process needed to be improved.
Our Solution:
We offered specific suggestions about how to improve and create a more professional proposal package and polished sales presentation.
Owner began charging an average of 10% more per project, began going after larger jobs and without increasing sales, profits went up 50% over the previous year!

Ed holds us accountable. The stuff he told us about, we knew we had to do. But now we’re actually doing it because he’s holding us accountable.

– Jon Baedke, Smitty’s Lawn and Landscape

In A Nutshell

Po-ten-tial – adjective.

The inherent ability or capacity for growth, development, or coming into being.

Everybody has capability. Yet without the right knowledge, systems and tools it often goes untapped. But when potential is nurtured some pretty incredible things can happen— people, teams, customers and businesses begin to blossom; bottom lines begin to grow and dreams come true.

If you’d like to see more case stories or if you’d like to talk to some of the folks we’ve helped grow, just give us a holler.

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