Sales and Marketing Consulting for Landscape Businesses

Your landscape company’s sales and marketing approach is arguably the most important aspect of having successful landscape businesses. There is a marriage between the two that if done right can drive consistent growth for your company. If you aren’t giving these two areas the attention they deserve, then you’ll simply never reach your growth potential.

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While sales and marketing are their own separate entities, they also work together in a valuable way. They are intertwined in that a successful marketing approach should open doors for landscape sales—and once it does, a successful sales approach should boost profitability. Modern Sales, also known as Sales 2.0, uses digital marketing to target and drive prospects to you. These sales are less invasive and easier to close. This approach focuses on finding the prospect with a “NEED” vs an outbound process that finds the prospect open to a competitive bid. You typically have to be the lowest price to win those sales.

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If you feel as though your sales and marketing approach is lacking, and you’re not generating and turning leads on a regular basis, then you might need some guidance. Sales and marketing coaching can help teach you tried-and-true practices that will help make you more successful in both of these areas.

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There can be a significant difference in the many different markets that Landscape Companies target. Landscape Sales to a commercial facility vs a high-end residential estate require different approaches in prospecting, selling, and closing. The Harvesters have significant experience in helping landscape businesses reach the next level of profitable landscape sales.



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If closing sales in the digital era feels as though it eludes you, you’re not alone. In a day and age where it’s nearly impossible to get valuable face-time anymore, even the most successful “closers” in the Landscape and Snow Removal Industry say they’ve had to adapt their strategies to succeed. Of course, keeping up with the everchanging digital environmental is no small feat. On top of all of the other responsibilities, you have in running your business, developing a sales and marketing strategy that is adapted to the newest technology—and will be able to reach clients of younger generations—may sound downright overwhelming.

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