About Bill Arman, Landscape Business Consultant

From Big Daddy to Best In Class

Bill’s experience cuts a broad swath across corporate America. During the course of his thirty years of working for one of the biggest landscape operations in the country, Bill helped grow the business from $30-$600 million in sales annually.

While working with a world-class consulting firm he witnessed the metamorphosis from Biggest to “Best in Class”, and he’s distilled this experience and the systems, developing them into an insightful presentation called Lessons from the Garden.

It’s About the People

But whether it’s a multi-million-dollar business, a fancy consultancy or a one-person operation, Bill’s found it all still comes down to one thing—the people. From his nearly thirty years at ValleyCrest Companies to the thousands of hours he’s spent consulting, Bill’s interviewed, hired and trained more than 6,000 employees. In that time, he’s learned everything there is to learn about how to find, get on board, keep and grow the best.

Author of the Industry’s First Book on Recruiting and Hiring

The industry’s greatest challenge is finding, attracting, getting on board, keeping and growing the right people. With his first book “The Harvest Way for Recruiting and Hiring the Right People” and the accompanying Harvest Recruiting Kit, Bill shares his tips, tactics and techniques for Recruiting, Hiring and Getting On Board the Right People.

Straight Talk

Bill’s talks provide folks with practical, actionable information. His hands-on, interactive, approach is fun, challenging, and leaves participants with specific items they can take back to their organization and use. Bill shares his ideas and approaches in his weekly Harvest Way two minute video tips and writes articles regularly for several industry magazines and organizations including Lawn and Landscape Magazine, PLANET News, and Target Specialty Products.

Systems Thinking

Bill is always thinking… systems thinking. He has come up with some of the best systems that ‘get after’ the four most important areas all companies must achieve in to succeed, namely:

People: Find, Get On Board, Keep and Grow the Right People 

Quality: Deliver Consistently on Your Service Promise

Customers: Find, Get On Board, Keep and Grow the Right Customers

Profit: Growing Profitably

If you have an issue or nagging problem, Bill has a system for resolving it.

Passion for Plants
If you ask Bill what it’s really all about, he’ll tell you, the people and the plants. Bill’s a horticulturist, after all. He got his degree at one of the best horticultural programs on the west coast—Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. He sometimes teaches there, too.


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