gameplanPlanning Your Harvest

There’s usually only one difference between the winners and the losers in business, and that’s a plan. Smart owners have one, and they stick to it. (That is until they need a new plan.)  If you really want to be successful, you should have plans in place that include:

Vision: Tactical & Strategic

  • Creating a clear vision, a path that leads to where you want to go
  • Determining what short-term actions need to be taken in order to reach long-term goals
  • Setting and focusing on priorities to realize long-range goals


  • Identifying and preparing for areas of opportunity and growth
  • Establishing financial resources to draw on
  • Creating a clear sense of direction with options (if and when needed)
  • Setting up realistic budgets, with simple tracking systems

Sales & Marketing

  • Differentiating yourself in the marketplace
  • Getting the right clients, under the right conditions that will lead to win-win, long-term mutually beneficial relationships
  • Estimating, pricing and proposals that set you apart from your competition

Clients for Life

  • Attracting the right clients and keeping them for life
  • Managing client expectations
  • Building positive professional relationships

People & Recruiting

  • Sourcing, selecting, screening and keeping the best
  • Growing great people to their fullest potential
  • Training and certification programs that get the right results

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