cashregisterFor Sale: First Things First

Thinking about selling your company or buying somebody else’s? Wondering what you should be doing or looking for? Before you buy or sell any company, there’re some things you need to know first. At the Harvest Group, we’ve had a lot of experience in this area and can help guide you through the process.

If you’re interested in growing your business with an eye toward selling it down the road, there are several major items you need to know about that buyers will be looking for, like profitability, people, and potential. Common considerations when thinking about buying or selling:

What’s it Worth?

One of the first things most potential buyers are looking for is reoccurring revenue. In other words, they want maintenance accounts, which means the right mix between maintenance and construction.

One of Your Biggest Assets

Another thing buyers are interested in today is good employees. They’re interested in your people. They want to know things, like how long your people have been with you, their qualifications, their licensing, certification; in other words, do they add a depth to your organization? Remember, buyers aren’t just buying accounts anymore, they need the right people to do the work.

What’s Your Position?

Another important thing some buyers are looking for is market share or position in the market. Usually they’re looking to expand their business in a particular area, and if your company is established in that area, has a good brand and is doing well, then you stand to be an excellent candidate for acquisition.

Sealing the Deal

Once we’ve worked together to optimize the potential value of your company then we can introduce you to potential buyers both regionally and nationally and can help you begin the selling process.