Landscape ConsultingIdentify Ripe Opportunities for Immediate and Future Growth

Once we’ve established we are a good match through our initial consultation and there is potential for a successful, positive relationship then we move on to The Harvest Assessment.

The Harvest Assessment is an intensive review of your business. Our comprehensive examination of your company is created through a series of questions which cover key areas of your organization, like Financials, Sales and Marketing, Operations, Culture, People, Clients, and Business Practices.

A Head Harvester conducts the assessment with you and other identified key employees. The results of the Assessment are examined and transformed into action steps recommended to be taken during a certain time period, such as: Urgent (90 days), Important (1-year) and Long Term (1-3 years.)

Get the answers to need to grow

We prepare a list of action items and review the items with you in a written report. We also deliver the Harvest GROW Card, which is a tool that tracks our progress with key “milestones” along the journey of “Harvesting Your Potential”.

What you can expect after your initial assessment

The next step is deciding how the Harvest Group can best help you implement the actions identified during the Harvest Assessment. We offer a One-to-One Consulting Program as a means of staying in touch as you work through the implementation phase of the action items identified in the Harvest Assessment.

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