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5-18-2020 Find the Silver Lining Amongst the Covid-19 Crisis


5-7-2020 Wisdom from my Mentors – Part One

Over the years I have had the good fortune to learn from some truly wise individuals—some famous and some not so.   I’m sure we all have Words of Wisdom from our parents, bosses, mentors, …….

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5-4-2020 Leading Through the Virus Crisis

4-30-2020 What is my landscaping company worth now in light of the pandemic? – Harvest The Green

Please read this piece keeping in mind that we’ve never been in this situation. How long it will continue and/or how long it will take for our economy to recover is anyone’s guess. We are in the Big Unknown.

That being said, I think……

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4-22-2020 Are landscaping companies still being bought and sold in this COVID-19? – Harvest The Green Blog

Several transactions were already in process and moving towards closing while this set of events came into being in the February/March timeframe.  Some have actually closed and…

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4-21-2020 Q&A Webinar – Covid-19

4-13-2020 NALP’s State by State Resource

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4-9-2020 Responding to the COVID-19 Health and Financial Crisis – Harvest The Green

By: Alison Hoffman

Do you have a tool I can use to measure my cash flow?

Our clients know about the importance of managing their cash flow, especially in this time. You want to conserve cash, accelerate inflows and decelerate outflows where possible. That is the essential “lifeblood” of your company. In order to

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4-9-2020 Coronavirus Webinar

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4-1-2020 From Harvest the Green Partners for our clients – Harvest The Green

During these challenging times.

Fortunately, many of us in the landscaping business is able to keep working as essential services, but we know we can expect the unexpected in the next few months.

For the immediate term (30-90 days), here are some takeaways

Conserve Cash

  • Stay as liquid as possible and conserve cash.
  • Reduce expenses to essentials.
  • Create an emergency response plan for the next 30-60-90 days (if you don’t have one
  • Carefully review your budgeted expenses to support your new plan
  • Speak to your landlord and debtholders to request deferred payments for the short
  • Review the options open to you from the federal (and state and local, where applicable)
    loan relief programs?


  • If your primary business has been reduced, be creative about other ways to deploy your
  • As other owners “close up shop” they will leave clients in need of services. Position
    yourself to fill those needs.

Longer Term

  • Review your budgets and business plan for 2020.
  • Adjust plans to fit the new reality and refresh your strategic plan for the year.
  • Review your staffing plan.
  • Identify your “stars” and make sure you keep them on board with your new plan of
  • Cut out those employees who you’ve been on the fence about to conserve resources.
  • Review compensation and adjust bonus/commission plans accordingly.

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3-29-2020 Tracking Coronavirus Costs – Tuesdays with Steve – Blog

A company Controller from Colorado called me the other day to discuss what else? Coronavirus. During our discussion surrounding accountability and the human resources elements (e.g., sick leave, layoffs, tele-work), related to this issue, he asked to share his proposed approach regarding accountability for tracking Coronavirus-related costs that he was planning to have in place before the April 1st enactment date. Always curious, I naturally responded, “sure.”

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3-27-2020 Coronavirus Covid-19 – Harvest Group Resource – Friday Video

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is dramatically impacting all of our lives including numerous instances of stay-at-home for non-essential businesses; closed restaurants, work out facilities, barbers and many services we rely on every day. We hope you, your employees and your families are safe and healthy during these unprecedented times. During these rapidly changing times, you can count on The Harvest Group to be on call and available to our valued clients. The health and safety of your employees is a priority as well as keeping your business operating using smart business practices and essential sanitary and hygiene practices. We encourage you to remain calm and be part of the solution. These unprecedented times call for smart, decisive action. Stay positive and keep your businesses moving forward.

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3-23-2020 Coronavirus Legislation – Tuesdays with Steve Blog

Recently-passed legislation related to the Coronavirus has a significant impact on all companies with fewer than 500 employees. The Emergency FMLA Expansion Act and the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act will be implemented on April 2nd with a sunset of December 31st. The following is a brief summary of both Acts.

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