Virtual Training Seminar – 50 Shades of Green


50 Shades of Green

By Ed Laflamme & Bill Arman

Recording of Virtual Seminar from April 8th, 2021

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50 Shades of Green

“How to make more money regardless of how large or small you are! Or, how long you’ve been in business!”

You see Bill and I have been in your boots and we want to help you put more “Green” in your pocket.

We’ve felt the pain and anxiety when things aren’t going well. Using credit cards to make payroll. Wondering how we’re going to pay our taxes when there’s no cash in the checkbook.

It’s no fun when you’re not making enough money. Or, you are making tons of money but getting burned out, working 24/7. Some clients tell us, “the harder we work the broker we get.” Others say, “we think we’re making money but where is it?” Many say, “employees want more and more money but how in the world can we afford it?”

Why are we doing this seminar?

Because it pains us to see so many struggling when you don’t have to. You just need the knowledge. And, we’ve got it and want to share it with you.

Yes, We Know Your Struggles!

Join us for this one-day Virtual Seminar and we’ll teach you 50 plus ways to increase your profits. (Heck, we have more than 50 ways but who’s counting.)

As we said above, we’ve been in your boots.

Harvester Bill worked for the largest landscape company in the world for some 30 years. He was a VP Regional Manager with a $25 million dollar a year “book of business.” He made healthy consistent profits every year.

Harvester Ed was a “scrapper,” a fierce competitor. He started with nothing and grew it to the largest company in Connecticut. He knows something about growing, selling and making money. He later sold his company for mucho bucks.

You’re going to learn ….

  • Dozens of ways to save time to reduce your direct costs
  • The simple gross margin method of pricing
  • Powerful estimating and pricing strategies
  • Practical solutions to work smarter and eliminate time wasters
  • Tons of ideas to reduce your overhead
  • How to think differently about your business
  • Ways to increase your cash flow
  • What you need to measure to ensure a profit
  • How you can use your P & L more effectively
  • Ways to sell more for higher profits

What You Will Receive….

Part One: The Financial Fundamentals

  • The Harvest mini-budget program
  • Company GROW card

Part Two: Ways to Lower Direct Costs

  • Training and certification programs for G1 – G4
  • Sample Ag horticultural schedule
  • The Gross “Marginator” white paper
  • Sample incentive programs
  • New job start-up checklist

Part Three: Ways to Lower Overhead Costs

  • Accounts receivable letters
  • Pay rate matrix

Part Four: Ways to Get and Keep the Right Revenue

  • Customer selection criteria
  • The Be 2 @ 200 sales campaign
  • Renewal letters
  • Client surveys
  • Sample proposals
  • Sales incentive program

50 Shades of Green – Virtual Training Seminar