Basic SEO & Website Analysis


Basic SEO & Website Analysis

Chris Darnell

You have heard it referenced many times, but do you really know what goes into Search Engine Optimization? This course will give you an understanding of how Google interacts with your website and what to do to improve search rankings!



This includes:

  • SEO Audit – We will review the metrics associated with your SEO. This is an evaluation of Technical SEO, Document Relevancy, and Authority.
  • Local Search Audit – For many landscape companies, the most important aspect is how they rank locally. Can they be found in directories and amongst competitors in Google search listings?
  • Website Review with recommendations.
  • Social Media Review with recommendations.


Basic SEO & Website Analysis

Course Content

Lessons Status
1 SEO Framework notcompleted
2 The Scorecard Breakdown notcompleted
3 Technical SEO notcompleted
4 Site Performance notcompleted
5 Page Size notcompleted
6 Page Speed notcompleted
7 SSL Certificate/HTTPS notcompleted
8 Compression notcompleted
9 Mobile Compatibility notcompleted
10 Document Relevancy notcompleted
11 Blogging notcompleted
12 Keywords notcompleted
13 Page Tags notcompleted
14 Meta Descriptions notcompleted
15 Headings notcompleted
16 Image ALT Tags notcompleted
17 Sitemaps notcompleted
18 Website Authority notcompleted
19 Domain Authority notcompleted
20 Page Authority notcompleted
21 Backlinks notcompleted
22 Linking Websites notcompleted
23 Local Listing Management notcompleted
24 Google Tools notcompleted
25 Google Analytics notcompleted