Steve’s HR Helpdesk


Steve’s HR Helpdesk

Harvester Steve Cesare

Take advantage of the information Steve Cesare has amassed over the years through professional training, certifications, and work experience. You will be provided with an exclusive phone number and contact form to reach Steve as a Virtual Human Resource Assistant.

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Steve’s HR Helpdesk

Who are you going to call when….

  • you get a call from the police department telling you to come right now to the scene of an accident and when you arrive, you are informed that one of your crew members was killed?
  • you get a call from one of your Account Managers telling you your zero-turn mower rolled over onto the operator and he needs to be airlifted to the closest hospital?
  • Homeland Security shows up at your door asking for all your I-9’s?
  • you open your mail and it’s a letter from your State Labor Department informing you one of your employees is filing an age discrimination suit against you?
  • one of your managers calls and tells you he was just in an accident and your brand new truck was totaled?

Meet Human Resources PRO – STEVE Cesare!

Steve has achieved his Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and help lead companies such as NASA, Jack In The Box, Old Dominion University, CitiCorp, and most recently, Bemus Landscape to success in the organization of their External, Internal, and Longitudinal Human Resources Paths.

Here’s How It Works

Step #1 Sign-Up for Virtual Human Resources

It’s easy. Select the “Sign Up Now” button and follow the directions. The service is a 12-month subscription and will be automatically debited from your account each month on the same day. You will receive a phone number and URL to where you can submit your questions. We will typically respond within 24 hours.

Step #2 Receive Our Confirmation Email

Once you receive our confirmation email, you will be sent an email detailing ways to contact Harvester Steve.   In some cases, it may be of more benefit to working on a 1-on-1 status with Steve. If interested you will be able to ask him about what the 1-on-1 service offers and the associated cost.

Step #3 Ask a question!

It’s all you! If you have an issue or questions about something related to HR, then reach out to Steve so I can share his knowledge. It can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars to invest in a short phone call. You will be provided with an exclusive phone number and contact form to reach Steve.

Relax – You know have exclusive contact with one of the best Human Resources Consultants

You are now one of the cool kids. Well, you at least have a good and affordable way to mitigate liability when faced with one those crazy HR situations. It’s always nice to know you have a valuable partner when running a growing business in our litigious society.

Check out losses that others have faced when not prepared!

  • One of the Harvester’s clients had their I-9 audited by Homeland Security that resulted in a $55,000.00 fine and they had to pay it.
  • In another situation to defend against an age discrimination suit it cost the client $52,000.00 In legal fees.
  • One mistake in an Employee Handbook resulted in fines from their state’s labor Department of $78,000.00, they finally negotiated it to $58,000.00.

What other Landscapers have to say about Steve Cesare, Ph.D

Thank you for helping me tighten up our human resource procedures at Princeton Scapes Inc. I can’t believe how much we have accomplished under your stewardship in the past 5 months. I have been amazed at your level of detail and thoroughness in the process. My company has gone from virtually no human resource policy to a company that has a comprehensive employee handbook, a job description for every position in our company, a safety program, as well as a solid review procedure that ties it all together.  You have provided my $2 million company with a set of  human resource policies that a company triple our size would be jealous of. I look forward to continuing our work together on enhancing my business’ procedures. Giving me, I believe a huge competitive advantage!

Rud Mason, PresidentPrinceton Scapes, Inc


We began searching for help with our Human Resources when an employee was injured on the job last year.  The process was difficult to navigate and we didn’t have the time or resources to do it on our own.  Steve Cesare came highly recommended to us.  Steve demonstrated immediate, results-oriented value and has been an excellent addition to our company.  He quickly tackled our issue last year and has since assisted us with the creation of an employee’s handbook, as well as the implementation of proper HR operating procedures, workplace safety training, and recordkeeping.  Now we hold weekly meetings and are able to keep ahead of ever-changing employee laws.   We are definitely better off thanks to Dr. Cesare’s help in that we are now HR compliant and look forward to a continued partnership with him!

Andrew Gabries, OwnerAndrew’s Lawn & Landscaping, LLC


“As our Human Resources consultant Steve has added significant value to Cole Landscaping and Irrigation by assisting me in the development of our company employee handbook, as well as workers’ compensation and employee disciplinary issues.  Steve has an impressive knowledge of human resources, safety, and business processes that distinguishes him from other consultants.  He is a strong partner capable of applying human resources in a way that improves company operations in a non-bureaucratic way.” 

Greg Cole, Owner – Cole Landscaping & Irrigation Inc.


I would like to recognize Steve Cesare as “Coach of the Year”.  While this industry rarely hands out trophies for great accomplishments … Steve has given our firm concise strategic and obtainable goals to keep our HR staff up to date on items that keep us compliant with the ever changing regulations required for employers.  In addition … he has taken our HR staff under his wing and helped to implement systems to keep them organized and on task.  Even though he is on the other side of these great American states (Steve is on West Coast and Akehurst is on East Coast) he is considered as an integral, behind the scenes member of our firm, and is our “go to guy” for advice with HR needs in the growth and advancement of the vision of Akehurst.

John C. Akehurst, President – Akehurst

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