Virtual Seminar: Building the Compensation Program


Building the Compensation Program?

By: Steve Ceasar

Recording from November 17th, 2021

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Building the Compensation Program?

Recorded on: November 17, 2021

Why Should You Attend?

  1. Gain a broad understanding of federal, state, and local wage and hour laws that directly impact your company, employees, and future.
  2. Ensure your compensation system is aligned with company goals, employee job performance, and the organizational culture.
  3. Receive an overview of compensation topics like: commissions, bonus programs, salary scales, skill-based pay, and overtime calculations.
  4. Understand common wage and hour mistakes: working off the clock, workers’ compensation, wage deductions, record keeping requirements, and final paychecks.
  5. Gather insight into common audit procedures: wage and hour, payroll, wage, classification, and timekeeping, meal period and rest breaks.

Topics That Will Be Discussed:

  • Fundamentals of the Compensation System
  • Performance Planning Matrix and its Relationship to Compensation
  • Classification of Exempt Employees, Non-exempt Employees, and Independent Contractors
  • Different Interpretations of Pay Equity
  • Types of Compensation
  • The Role of Vacation Time within the Compensation System
  • Deductions from Wages
  • Sales Commission Agreements
  • Common Time Sheet Errors
  • The Key Compensation Policies a Company Must Have