Virtual Seminar: Employee Performance Evaluations


Best Practices Workshop: The Right Way to Conduct an Employee Performance Evaluation in the Green Industry

By: Harvester Steve Cesare, Ph.D.

Recorded on: November 16th, 2022

11AM to 3:00 p.m. ET

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Best Practices Workshop:

The Right Way to Conduct an Employee Performance Evaluation in the Green Industry

With Harvester Steve Cesare, Ph.D.

Recorded On: November 16th, 2022

Cost: $395.00

This Best Practices Workshop delivered by Harvester Steve Cesare, Ph.D. focuses on actual employee performance evaluation procedures, questions, and issues drawn directly from staff, managers, and owners in the Green Industry.

It’s All About Accountability

While customers demand increased accountability from landscape contractors, contractors in turn typically fall short in holding their employees accountable to meet their respective performance objectives.  Whether it is employees not performing well or not complying with company policies, landscapers must hold them accountable to ensure employee productivity, customer retention, and organizational success.

The performance evaluation is the formal process to hold employees accountable.

Unfortunately, many landscape contractors have never been properly trained to prepare for, conduct, or do follow-ups on an employee performance evaluation.

This Best Practices Workshop provides formal step-by-step supervisory training on how to conduct an employee performance evaluation fairly, legally, and strategically, designed to help the employee, as well as the company, improve performance.

Here are some of the BEST Practices that you will be presented during the Workshop:

  • Building upon a results-based team-oriented company culture
  • Answering the most common questions landscapers have about performance evaluations
  • Emphasizing the primary role of a supervisor as a coach
  • Sharing various forms, tools, and documents
  • Presenting key documentation techniques
  • Recognizing common performance evaluation rating errors
  • Identifying a step-by-step process for conducting a performance evaluation
  • Providing the proper method to develop an action plan
  • Offering discussion about advanced topics related to performance evaluations