Virtual Seminar – How to Build Fiercely Loyal Customers!


How to Build Fiercely Loyal Customers!

December 6th, 2023

11AM – 1PM EST


Featuring Harvesters Jud Griggs and Bill Arman

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Onboard, Keep and Grow Customers that Count! 

Finding, attracting, bringing onboard, keeping and growing the right customers is one of the key foundations of a truly successful organization.


This seminar will focus on an extremely critical part of ALL businesses – the Customer! And, in particular, Your Customer!


The Harvesters will review 10 proven ways to onboard, keep, and grow your customer base. These are proven methods that have been learned and used by Harvesters Jud Griggs and Bill Arman over nearly 100 years of combined customer service in the lawn and landscape industry.

You will learn several key techniques that will:

  • Help build a culture of service, and deliver on your customer’s expectations
  • Create a positive customer experience that will last for years
  • Help manage your customer’s expectations, no matter how crazy they may seem at times
  • Lead you through the steps to building long-term relationships that endure bumps in the road
  • Share the best customer “touch points” that keep you and your customer closely connected
  • Provide the tools needed to overcome times when conflict arises
  • Teach you the warning signs of a job in jeopardy, and how to deal with these opportunities
  • Show you how to take a lost job and turn it into a learning experience that will have a huge impact!

Here are the lessons that will be covered:

Part One:

  • Creating a Customer-Centric Culture
  • Getting off to the Right Start: All Aboard! With a Great On-Boarding Program
  • Know Thy Customer
  • Managing Expectations
  • Building and Sustaining Relationships: Moving on Up!

Part Two:

  • Customer Touch Points
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Job in Jeopardy
  • Lost Job Autopsy
  • Rating, Ranking, Refreshing the Relationships 

Customers Count Tools Included with the Seminar:

  • Selection Criteria: How to pick the right customer
  • Customer Profile: This will help you to know your customer really well!
  • Walkthrough Program: How to conduct successful walk-throughs
  • Customer Surveys: Learn where they stand
  • How to get testimonials process: These work the best!
  • Focus Group Program: How to conduct these and ask the right questions
  • New Start-Up System: Get it right! Right from the beginning
  • Sample Update Letters
  • Sample Extra Work Proposals