Virtual Seminar – Need To Know Compliance Procedures Designed To Minimize Your Business Risk


Need To Know Compliance Procedures Designed To Minimize Your Business Risk

By: Harvester Steve Cesare, Ph.D.

Wednesday, February 1st, 2023

11AM to 3:00 p.m. ET

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Minimize Risks

Laws, regulations, and rules. Fines, penalties, and lawsuits. Landscape contractors are all too familiar with the legal compliance factors they must deal with on a daily basis. To make matters worse, they know in their hearts that trend is only going to accelerate in the future; increasing the likelihood they will soon be found in violation of some governmental code, procedure, or standard, all producing the same result:  Get the checkbook.

Whether it takes the form of an I-9 audit, a visit from the OSHA compliance officer, or the Department of Labor investigating their employee practices, wage and hour procedures, or records retention methods, landscapers are quickly realizing the value in having company-wide compliance program capable of minimizing the legal, fiscal, and operational impact of being on the wrong side of the law.

Here are some of the Compliance Tools that will be presented during the Workshop:

True-to-Life Compliance Procedures Designed to Minimize Risk to Your Organization
  • Safety Audit Inspection Checklist
  • I-9 Audit
  • Timekeeping Practices
  • Wage and Hour Compensation Audit
  • Human Resources Audit Checklist
  • Employee Recordkeeping Audit
  • Human Resources Acquisition Due Diligence Checklist
  • Employee Accident Investigation Checklist
  • Year-end Audit Checklist​