Virtual Seminar – New Orientation Program & On-Boarding Plan


Design & Implement A New Orientation Program and On-Boarding Plan

By: Harvester Steve Cesare, Ph.D.

Recorded on March 1st, 2023

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What To Improve Employee Retention?

Design & Implement A New Orientation Program and On-Boarding Plan


Not Enough Workers?

Over the past several years, employee staffing has been the primary concern for landscaper contractors across the entire country. Not enough workers to get all the work done – and it’s getting worse. Unfortunately, landscaper contractors spend more time on employee recruitment than employee retention. Once new employees join the company, the contractors breathe a sigh of relief thinking the problem is fixed.

It’s not.

Instead, they should shift more attention onto activities that address employee retention, focusing on practices that will keep the new-hire motivated, productive, and employed with the company. A positive first impression of a well-designed New Employee Orientation Program, followed by a professionally-determined On-boarding Plan can add value to improving new employee retention.

Here are some content areas that will be presented:

  • The Role Company Culture Contributes to the New-Hire Process
  • The Four-step Approach to New Employee Orientation
  • New-Hire Paperwork to Ensure Legal Compliance and Administrative Efficiency
  • A Green Industry Employee On-boarding Plan Template
  • Examples of Office and Field Employee Programs
  • Behavioral Performance Expectations to Drive Accountability
  • 30-Day Developmental Review Forms

These are taken from actual programs currently in use by successful landscaper contractors, this seminar will provide a sequential approach designed to attract, hire, and retain new employees