Virtual Seminar: Performance Management – Through the Lens of the Landscaper


Performance Management

By Steve Cesare

Recorded on July 21st, 2021

Harvester Steve Cesare

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Performance Management – Through the Lens of the Landscaper

Virtual Seminar

Harvest Your Time!

Landscape contractors know all too well that employee issues take more and more of their time each day. Specifically, employee discipline, coaching and terminations are now more time consuming, bureaucratically demanding and legally complex than ever before. To make matters even more interesting, we all know those problems are not going to go away, and in fact are only going to get worse.

To help landscape contractors deal with these issues, The Harvest Group has developed a four-hour virtual seminar to identify, address and improve the most frequently occurring performance management topics we face in the green industry.

Tailored uniquely for landscape contractors, Harvester Steve will present valuable and applied information on how to coach employees, discipline them, conduct performance appraisals and, if need be, terminate them properly. If you have ever attended one of Harvester Steve’s webinars, presentations or events, you know you will be engaged, informed and entertained in a manner that promotes an ongoing partnership.

Key Points and Tools You Will Experience:

  • Reposition the role of a supervisor as a coach.
  • The legal link between the job description and performance appraisal form.
  • Standard operating procedures related to verbal coaching, written reprimand, suspension and termination.
  • Discussion of various coaching models.
  • Administrative forms on topics like coaching, corrective discipline, incident report, and employee termination.
  • The Top 40 things you should consider before deciding to terminate an employee.
  • Detailed training on how to formally deliver an employee performance appraisal.
  • Prepare for future employee issues proactively using the performance planning matrix.​

With that much-targeted information on hand, we believe this event will definitely benefit you and your company well into the future.

Given your busy schedule, be sure to sign up for this seminar now, get it added to your calendar, and prepare to receive a lot of useful information when the date arrives.