Virtual Seminar: Preparing Your Company For Sale


Preparing Your Company For Sale

By: Alison Hoffman & Ed Laflamme

Recorded on: Wednesday, August 17th, 2022

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Preparing Your Company For Sale

Recorded on: Wednesday, August 17th, 2022

Cost: $197.00

Have You Had These Questions Or Thoughts?

  • What makes a buyer want to buy?
  • How does my company measure up?
  • If I don’t have everything in perfect shape now, should I wait to sell until I do?
  • Why the valuation you had prepared in the past is not an estimate of what you can expect to sell for today.
  • Can I sell my company confidentially?
  • What is the typical timeframe for selling a business in this market?
  • How do I get one or more offers for my company?
  • Why do I need an intermediary?
  • How much does it cost to sell a business?
  • Can I expect to pay capital gains tax on the proceeds?

Learn What You Need To  Know During This Webinar

Things To Consider When Looking To Sell:

  • The landscape industry continues to undergo consolidation to achieve economies of scale
  • The labor market continues to be an issue and the application of technology is driving sellers to exit before putting more capital at risk to grow their businesses alone
  • The demand for landscaping services has continued despite rising prices and is expected to continue through 2022 even with interest rates and inflation rising
  • New buyers continue to enter the market, led by private equity groups and experienced consolidators with large amounts of amounts of private capital
  • Efforts to reduce the federal debt may cause Congress to raise taxes on capital gains or reduce the exemption limits on estate taxes soon
  • Landscape companies with EBITDA more than $1 million are still in demand, although most advisors are saying we may have just seen the peak of pricing, there are still buyers seeking healthy companies for sale.

Participants Will Receive Tools Including:

  • Ideal Company Comparison – A list of the key elements buyers want to review. Fill in the form with your info and compare to buyer’s preferred ranges.
  • A list of the type of information you will need to have ready.  This is a concentrated version of a Due Diligence List.
  • A brief overview of the Range of Values for privately owned companies. (Covered in a prior webinar)
  • A complete Deep Dive Due Diligence Request List (generic).