Virtual Seminar: Successful Landscape Companies Are Fierce Competitors, Are You?


Fierce Competitors

By Ed Laflamme & Bill Arman

Recorded on September 15th, 2021

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Successful Landscape Companies Are Fierce Competitors, Are You?

We are living in some crazy times. We’re still dealing with the pandemic; labor is a huge problem and interest rates and inflation are looming on the horizon. But don’t let these things stand in the way of your success! Don’t shrink back! Instead, get aggressive and become a FIERCE COMPETITOR!

Are these problems getting you down?

  • You’ve got plenty of work, but your people keep leaving.
  • The harder you work, the more broke you get.
  • You’ve been in business for years, but your company has no direction.
  • You just don’t enjoy the business anymore.
  • There’s so much competition for your jobs and people you don’t know which way to turn.

There are answers to these problems, but first you need to identify what areas of your company need work, prioritize them and get to work on them one at a time.

In our time together you will learn:

  • The 10 traits of truly fierce competitors and how they apply to your business so you can WIN.
  • EXACTLY what areas of your business and personal life need work.
  • How to get “unstuck” and move your company to the next level.
  • How to create value in your business so it’s a saleable asset in the future.
  • Ways to get your people to willingly work with you to solve problems.

We’re going to help you realize that once you’ve identified the area that needs work the most, it’s best to focus on that and solve it, even if it takes an entire year before moving on to other areas.

These techniques – have in some cases – drastically solved problems within companies that have struggled for years. With the roadblocks removed, the lines of communications open and the “elephant in the room eaten,” your company can grow and prosper.

Before you leave this session, you will have uncovered the area of your company that needs the most attention and, when addressed, will have maximum impact on your business. Then, we will help you think out a plan so you can work on it during the next 12 months.

Read what one attendee from Florida said. “After attending the ‘Are You a Fierce Competitor Seminar’ it changed my business and my life. I could clearly see what we needed to work on. I talked to my staff immediately following the seminar, and we went right to work. During the next 12 months my company became united, and our growth and profits soared!” – T.D.

Join Ed Laflamme and Bill Arman in the seminar that may just change your business and change your life – as it has so many others!

Ed Laflamme LIC and Bill Arman are Fierce Leaders. Ed, with 50 years of experience, grew the largest landscape company in Connecticut. Bill, a 45-year industry veteran was a VP for Valley Crest in California leading a $25 million dollar portfolio. Together they formed The Harvest Group in 2007, consulting with landscape owners to be Fierce Leaders and Competitors as well.