Virtual Training Seminar – How to Build a Recruiting Machine that Works!


How to Build a Recruiting Machine that Works!

February 22nd, 2023

11:00AM – 3:30PM EST

By Ed Laflamme & Bill Arman


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With Special Guest:

Dave Pacifico

Co-founder of Team Engine. Dave has worked directly with hundreds of green industry companies of all sizes as they have used Team Engine to improve how they find, hire, and engage with field staff.

Dave will demonstrate how Team Engine can be used to save money, be more effective, and speed up your recruiting process using their new Team Engine software technology.

Ed & Bill Know Your Struggles

Ed & Bill know the hardships you are facing personally. They have waded through the exact same struggles you are dealing with now!

Harvester Bill, with over 45 years in the landscape industry, was a recruiter for Valley Crest and has personally interviewed over 5,000 people. He has so much experience that he even wrote a book with “front-line” solutions to landscape business owners build their recruiting machine.

Harvester Ed grew the largest landscape company in Connecticut. He has served the industry helping other companies grow as a consultant for the past 20 years upon selling his own. Ed also wrote the book “Green Side Up” helping landscape professionals grow their businesses profitably.

You’re going to learn ….

  • How a Recruiting Plan will help your company be more successful
  • The makeup of a Recruiting Plan and how you can create your own.
  • What metrics there are to measure success for your company.
  • How to deliver your Recruiting Plan to ensure everyone is on board and working together.

What You Will Receive….

  • Workbook to assist strategy implementation.
  • The Harvester Bills book on Recruiting, full of ideas!
  • Detailed Recruiting Strategy
  • Tools to help you build your recruiting machine!

Harvesters Bill & Ed are going to give examples of techniques their clients are using right now that are working throughout the country. One idea we gave a client in Florida had applicants lined up at the door first thing Monday morning, no joke.

In this seminar, we’re going to cover 100+ items of Harvester Helpful Hints and 14 mini lessons with examples of recruiting successes. We’re going to cover 28-time proven sources to find the right people.

Note: This will be an interactive session where you can submit your questions in chat and get them answered.