Webinar: To H2B or not to H2B?



To H2B or not to H2B?

Alternate Ways to Find and Keep a
Reliable Workforce


Presented by Bill Arman & Fred Haskett of The Harvest Group



If you have had difficulties in utilizing the H2B program…
You need to attend this Webinar! 

If finding and keeping a safe and productive labor force
has been an issue for you…
You need to attend this Webinar!

Acquiring Training and KEEPING a safe and productive seasonal workforce is one of the BIGGEST issues that landscape companies face today!

Does this sound familiar?

  • I filed every Document on time and correctly with the government and they keep asking for more
  • My H2B workers were scheduled to be here on April 1st! It’s now Mid-May and the Agency still has not done their part of the process. I am losing my customers because I do not have the people to do the work!
  • I am constantly having to hire and train new people because nobody seems to want to work anymore!
  • As soon as I ask to see their Driver’s License or schedule a drug test they run for the hills!
  • I can’t find enough seasonal workers so I am losing my customers, now I am going to have to lay off my full time people.


.. and learn simple and effective ways to find and keep a reliable workforce!


In one hour you’ll learn processes and best practices to address your labor issue. 

You’ll learn to…

  • Develop more Robust Recruiting Programs
  • Develop more Robust Training Systems
  • Create an Improved Work Environment to Enhance Retention
  • Increase Mechanization and Automation where possible


Why invest your time here?

  • Labor is a Critical and On-Going issue
  • Our Current Economic Conditions and Political Climate may change the Employment Dynamic going forward
  • What do we do if H2B goes away or becomes increasingly more unusable?


We’ve Been In Your BOOTS – Heck we still are!

These are specific, tried and true ideas that can be used in your business immediately and will translate into a Game Plan for finding and keeping the right people.

Harvest Your People!

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