Webinar: Harvest Your Cash Flow



Harvest Your CA$H Flow!

How to Get Your Customers to  



Presented by Ed Laflamme & Bill Arman of The Harvest Group


If your P & L shows you’re make’n money
but there’s no cash in your check book
you need to attend this webinar.

Accounts Payables problems are one of the BIGGEST
issues in the landscape industry.

Does this sound familiar?

  • We made all this money so where is it?!
  • On Monday you wonder how you’re going to make the Friday payroll!
  • Get the credit cards out we’re going to need them… ugg.
  • My customers owe me the money why don’t they pay up!


And learn some simple ways to get your deserved cash into your hands and on time!  In one hour you’ll learn over 10 ways to improve your cash flow.


Come listen and learn why Cash is King, Queen and the entire royal court!


You’ll learn to…

  • Invoice to assure prompt payment
  • Negotiate contracts to improve your cash flow.
  • Collect your money when it’s due!
  • Avoid the top mistakes that most companies make with their Cash Flow


Why invest your time here?

Because in this 1-HOUR with the Harvesters you will take away several specific ideas to really help you get your cash flow flowing in vs. flowing out! 


We’ve Been In Your BOOTS – Heck we still are!

These are specific, tried and true ideas that can be used in your business immediately and will translate into your ability to get your well deserved hard earned CASH into your company. 

Harvest Your Cash Flow and
see how money can work for you!

Don’t miss this powerful webinar on April 25th.
If you miss the live event the recording will be
to all those to register.


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