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We offer a fresh and innovative approach to our landscape business presentations. So many people come to hear us talk to get results for their business.

Hi Harvester Bill – I attended your 2 sessions in Toronto last week.  Always love coming and hearing your discussions. They always give us more information for us to work towards. Thanks and take care.”  – Steve

Bill, Ed and Steve give talks all over the place.


Bill likes to tell folks about things, like how to find, get and keep great people, how to build customer ties as old as Ed and how to make their outfits run more efficient.

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Ed likes to tell folks about how to save time and make more money in the landscaping business, how to grow your company just about as big as you want to and about what to do if you decide to sell.

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Steve is all about people and H.R. and how to keep you out of trouble. There’s bound to be topics here that’ll help harvest your potential. If not, we can come up with one to suit your specific needs

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Bill & Ed Do This Talk Together:

“Are You A Fierce Competitor?”

We are living in the most competitive time in history, face problems all day in the worst economy ever! But don’t shrink back, get aggressive and become a FIERCE COMPETITOR.

So, If you’re…

Working 24/7 barely eking out a living? 

Stuck and you don’t know how to get to the next level? 

Making plenty of money but doing all the work? 

Frustrated with your people? It’s time to change!

You’ll leave this session learning:

  • The 10 traits of truly fierce competitors and how they apply to your business so you can WIN.
  • EXACTLY what areas of your business and personal life need work.
  • How to get “unstuck” and move your company to the next level
  • To create value in your business so it’s a saleable asset

Join Ed Laflamme and Bill Arman in the seminar that may just change your life!

Note: Can be presented as a 1.5hr. talk or 3 to 4 hour seminar.