In many organizations there are “destroyers” in the ranks. Many times they are tolerated because they are “good workers”.

They “destroy” the culture of the company with their negative attitudes, complaining about everything. When no action is taken regarding these people, they can turn a very happy atmosphere into a very negative one. When this happens profits can plummet!

Do you have one or more in your organization?

The Harvesters are going to talk about what to do if this is a problem for you.

This is Head Harvesters Bill, Fred & Ed hoping this brief video helps you, “Harvest Your Potential”.

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Ed Laflamme LIC

started his own business from scratch, built it up, sold it and then wrote a book about how he did it. So, he’s been there. He understands your frustrations, worries and concerns. Some of you may want to buy companies, while others may want to sell the one you own. You need expert assessment and guidance before you can move forward. Ed has experience in this area. He is recognized as a CLP: Certified Landscape Professional. Read Ed's full bio.

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Oh brother-can you spare a dime for everyone of those “energy vampires” that I hired and then had to let go before they brought the whole house down? If you can then I’ll have many many dimes! Owners beware-keep your eyes open. There are numerous indicators and tells-the most common is their ability to form cliques right under your nose that poison what were once good employees. Watch for groups taking breaks and eating lunch together and note changes in behavior in otherwise good performers. This will point the way to the instigator(s).

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