… Processing Critical Path Issues


The core purpose of the group is to process issues that members bring by tapping into the power of the peer group. In particular, we are at our most powerful when we are processing what we call “spinning wheel issues”. These are the most perplexing, challenging issues which members face, and on which they have been spinning their wheels for some time. Despite numerous different attempts, they are struggling to get traction. These spinning wheels can be costing them a fortune.


DSC_4105 (2)The Harvest Leaders’ Groups are a gathering of like-minded Landscape, Lawn Care, or Tree Care Business Owners who are not in competing markets that gather periodically to help one another run their respective businesses.

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Fred Haskett

Is a Green Industry veteran who has more than 35 years of professional management experience leading and developing regional multi-state and multi-unit companies. Fred, has had a diverse career spanning both the lawncare and landscape maintenance industry segments. As a Head Harvester he will bring tremendous experience in operations, finances, sales, marketing and franchising. Fred is a landscape industry certified manager, certified arborist, certified turfgrass professional and in 2006 was named an NALP Trailblazer. Read Fred's full bio.