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Harvest Leaders’ Sit Down Series
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Lawn and landscape business owners are familiar with the cyclical nature of the industry. A season can go awry from drought, weed/insect/disease infestations, lack of labor and so on. But there’s never been a season quite like this year. What started with questions of whether or not the lawn and landscape industry was essential, led to a gangbuster year for most well-rounded companies.
But what will next year bring? Will landscape companies have enough cash to weather next year’s storms? How will the election impact the economy? Will small businesses recover from the pandemic? Will more stimulus money flow? And, what’s the short- and long-term result of the government printing trillions of dollars?

Who has the answers?

In our new Harvest Leaders’ Sit Down series, The Harvesters will interview Dr. Charlie Hall, a professor at Texas A&M who grew up in the nursery business and became an economist. Dr. Hall has an uncanny presentation style that will give landscape contractors insight into today’s economy and his predictions for 2021 and beyond.
The Harvest Leaders’ Sit Down interview will take place on Sept. 23 at 1:30 p.m. EDT. 
Dr. Hall grew up on a nursery in Western North Carolina and is a professor in the Department of Horticultural Sciences at Texas A&M University. He is an honorary lifetime member of the Texas Landscape & Nursery Association.

You’re going to enjoy hearing about…

  • How Dr. Hall became a global economist
  • His passion for the green industry
  • How should the landscape industry weather the turbulent economy?
  • How should landscape contractors budget for 2021?
  • Will 2021 bring a recession? If so, how should we react?
  • How will the election impact the economy?
  • Key points every business should address to emerge from the challenges presented by COVID-19
  • Insights from 31 years at Texas A&M
  • Advice for both new owners and veteran contractors
Grab a coffee or lunch and listen in. If you can’t make the start time, just register and receive a recording of the entire program the next day. This is a free webinar offered by The Harvest Group.
P.S. This is a chance to learn from a global economist who knows our industry and to ask him questions. Don’t miss this discussion.

Dr. Charlie Hall grew up in the industry on a nursery in Western North Carolina. Although an economist by training, he is currently a Professor in the Department of Horticultural Sciences at the Texas A&M University and also holder of the Ellison Chair in International Floriculture. His major areas of specialization include innovative management and marketing strategies, financial analysis and benchmarking, and the situation/outlook for nursery and greenhouse crops. He is an invited speaker at

Cindy Code

is an award-winning journalist who spent 22 years with Lawn & Landscape magazine communicating with contractors nationwide -- both in print and online — to help expand their businesses and to become more profitable. She is an active ambassador for the green industry as a founding member of Project EverGreen and the Turf & Ornamental Communicators Association and also serves on the PLANET membership committee. As a member of the The Harvest Group, Cindy’s areas of focus will include: marketing and communications, social media, public relations, and research.