Good Culture or Bad Culture It’s Your Choice!

Your companies culture can effect your profits, yes your bottom line $$$

Click below and join the Harvesters this week to learn if you have a good or bad culture and learn how you can build a positive culture to increase your profits $$$.

Culture Defined: Set of values that manifest the behavior and ritual

Basically: How we interact and treat each other and our customer

Companies with strong cultures outperform companies with weak cultures virtually every time because:

  • People who share values work together better and achieve more.
  • When people love working at a company they work harder.
  • Companies with a great reputation & culture attract and retain great talent & customers.

Creating a great corporate culture started on the day your company had it’s beginning.

It’s strengthened or weakened with:

  • every hire
  • the actions the leaders take and the behaviors they model
  • the rituals the company follows
  • the behaviors that are rewarded or disciplined
  • and the way everyone is treated in good times and bad times


How would you describe your culture now? And the way you want it to be?

List the good and the bad. What needs work?
Remember that a great culture is critical to a company’s success

Lose sight of it at your own peril.

– Ed & Bill