Discover Scythe’s 52-inch Cutting-Edge
Robotic Mowers


In the world of landscaping, innovation is key to staying ahead, and this year’s EQUIP Expo in Louisville did not disappoint when it came to groundbreaking products. One that caught our attention is the new Scythe 52-inch autonomous commercial mower. Harvesters Bill and Ed had the chance to speak with Billy Otteman, director of marketing for Scythe, to learn more about it.

Billy explained that their new mower boasts a generous 52-inch cutting deck. This impressive machine is designed to handle commercial-scale mowing tasks with ease, so crews can focus on the other important — and profitable — areas of the landscape.

Scythe has also taken an innovative approach to pricing their product making it incredibly enticing for potential users.

The Harvesters are always on the lookout for new and innovative equipment that can help you, “Harvest Your Potential.” While we have no financial interest in Scythe, we believe sharing information about cutting-edge (no pun intended) products like this can expand your thinking and empower you to make better informed decisions in your business.


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