Play it safe with worker’s compensation

Top 5 Tips

  1. Take a look at your company’s Experience Modification Rate (EMR) which has
    a strong impact on a business along with OSHA, OSHA 300A. Then a run report for

    the past 5 years. Take note if there are any patterins forming that would impact
    your rate overall EMR.

  2. Make sure you have a medical provider network (MPN).
    This way when accidents do happen they go through your MPN.
  3. Hold monthly staff meetings to review your safety for the previous month.
    Look at recurring accidents and what might need to be improved.
  4. Make sure your people are classified in the correct workers compensation
    .  Having them in the wrong categories can cost you money!
  5. Have consistent reporting procedures.  When there is an accident make sure
    everyone is following these procedures and that there is a consistent process!

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