Account Manager Training Program

Harvesters Fred, Bill and Ed have created the first online comprehensive course on how to be a truly successful and valuable account manager.

Why we felt compelled to create this course because we’ve worked with hundreds of companies and none of them had even a basic training course, for debatably the most important position in the company!


  • 11 Modules
  • 150+ Lessons
  • 16+ Hours of Content
  • Supporting Tools
  • ACCESS to a private Facebook Group where experiences and successes can be shared.
  • Monthly Teleconference where all students can join in to ask questions to Harvesters Ed, Fred, and Bill.
  • Certificate of Completion – Substantiate your knowledge and experience when pursuing promotions and positions.

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Many of the account managers we talked with were new to the company coming from other fields, i.e., teachers, property managers, general sales and were searching for information to help them be successful. They feared that if they couldn’t learn their job fast enough, they would be fired.  Others were seasoned professionals that loved their jobs but had a difficult time meeting their enhancement sales or were so busy they were overcome with the number of calls and emails. They all searched for help.

The Harvesters saw the need and four years ago got to work producing knowledge for the new or seasoned account manager.  We took a huge subject and broke it down into eleven modules with dozens of short video lessons.  After each lesson, there is a short quiz to be sure they would understand the point of the lesson. The AM can take the module in any order as fast or as slow as they like. We warn you if you wanted to do the lessons in one sitting it would take more than 15 hours!

Be Successful Faster – A Roadmap to Your Career

This course standardizes account management concepts to help develop consistent operational procedures. The program talks much about how to communicate and build relationships with their customers and instructs them personally with a time management piece and what success behaviors look like for them.

When the account managers follow the lessons in the program their customers will recognize they are dealing with an experienced professional.  As a result, they will gain greater success by getting the more important work done each day, selling more, retaining contracts longer and having truly happy customers that refer them.

Job Security: Increase YOUR Value to the Company

When you are performing at a higher level then your company is performing at a higher level. Be the employee that you would want working for you!

Example Lesson

Ready to take the course?

Lesson Outline 

Introduction video: How to use the Harvest Learning Center

Module 1 – Selling Enhancements

  1. Selling Enhancements Introduction
  2. What Are Enhancements?
  3. Why do enhancements?
  4. How Do You Measure Success?
  5. What Are The Two Types Of Enhancements?
  6. How Do I Identify Enhancement Opportunities?
  7. How To Prioritize Enhancements
  8. How To Build A Long Term Enhancement Plans
  9. Know Your Best Plant Choices
  10. Presentations & Proposals
  11. Important Sales Techniques – Part#1
  12. Important Sales Techniques – Part#2
  13. Agreements & Approvals – Part#1
  14. Agreements & Approvals – Part#2
  15. Sales Tips
  16. Sales Techniques & Lessons Learned
  17. Know The Most Common Objections
  18. Techniques On How To Close The Sale
  19. Beware Of Closing Too Soon
  20. The Hand-Off To Field Operations For Execution
  21. The Enhancement Sales Game Plan

Module 2 – Pricing & Estimating Enhancements

  1. Pricing & Estimating Enhancement Jobs Introduction
  2. How to Measure a Property and do a proper Take-Off
  3. How to read and evaluate plans and specifications
  4. Identifying job or site conditions that might give rise to increased costs
  5. The two different types of estimating formats Unit Based and Cost-Based
  6. Understand the range of pricing strategies and margins for small vs large jobs
  7. Knowing when It is better to do certain types of jobs on a Time and Material basis
  8. Know your market place… Your Clients do
  9. Know when to say NO!
  10. Know when to say NO! Part 2
  11. Tips, Tactics and Techniques for Estimating and Pricing Enhancements
  12. Tips, Tools, & Forms for Estimating and Pricing Landscape Enhancement
  13. Preparing the Estimate – TRIANGULATE

Module 3 – Building & Sustaining Customer Relationships

  1. Building & Sustaining Customer Relationships Introduction
  2. Where do Your Relationships Stand Now?
  3. Where do You Want Your Relationships to Be?
  4. Getting off to the Right Start
  5. Getting to Know Them
  6. Relationship Building Basics Part One
  7. Relationship Building Basics Part Two
  8. Building Trust
  9. Have Them Fall in Like with Us!
  10. Communication
  11. TouchPoints
  12. Relationships in Jeopardy
  13. Develop, Open, & Complete Communications
  14. Handle Complaints
  15. Jobs in Jeopardy
  16. Dealing With Unreasonable Clients
  17. Relationship Tips & Lessons Learned
  18. Building & Sustaining Customer Relationships Closing

Module 4 – How to Retain & Renew Client Contracts

  1. Hot to Retain & Renew Client Contracts Introduction
  2. What are renewals? What is retention?
  3. How to Calculate Customer Retention
  4. Know the Key Ingredients for Success
  5. Stand Back and Take a Good Look
  6. Setting the Table for the Renewal
  7. Review the Agreement/ Contract Verbiage
  8. Go for the Enhancements/ Extras!
  9. Try for Add On Services
  10. Exhaust the Cost Side First
  11. Consider the Revenue Side of the Equation
  12. Go for the Increase/ Adjustment on the Renewal
  13. How To Negotiate & Common Pushbacks
  14. Closing The Deal
  15. Consider Moving On and Not Holding On
  16. Tips, Tactics, & Lessons Learned
  17. More Tips, Tactics, & Lessons Learned

Module 5 – Time Management

  1. Time Management Introduction
  2. Start with the End in Mind
  3. Know your Roles, Goals, High Leverage Activities – Roles
  4. Know Your Roles, Goals, High Leverage Activities – Goals
  5. Know Your Roles, Goals, High Leverage Activities – High Leverage Activites
  6. Where Do You Spend your Time Now?
  7. Know the Classic Time Robbers – What to do?
  8. Harvest Your Time Tips Part One
  9. Harvest Your Time Tips: Part Two
  10. Harvest Your Time Tips Part Three
  11. Elements of a Good Time Management System Overview
  12. Takeaways Making it Work for You!

Module 6 – Client Conflict

  1. Client Conflict Introduction
  2. Adjust Your Mindset
  4. Listen & Pay Attention
  5. Be Empathetic & Apologize
  6. Discover The Cause
  7. Preset a Solution
  8. A Passion For Service
  9. Follow Up!
  10. Practice Preventing Problems
  11. Reviewing The Basics

Module 7 – Quality Counts

  1. Quality Counts Introduction
  2. What is the Quality Counts Program?
  3. How will Quality Counts Help?
  4. Why Have a Quality Counts Program?
  5. Why is Consistent Quality Important for a Company?
  6. Why is Consistent Quality Important for the Customer?
  7. Why is Consistent Quality Important for the AM?
  8. How do We Learn What the Customer Expects?
  9. The Customers’ Expectations of Quality
  10. How to Conduct a QC Review
  11. Level One Expectations of Quality Counts
  12. Level Two Expectations of Quality Counts
  13. Level Three Expectations of Quality Counts
  14. Most Common Quality Counts Mistakes
  15. When to use the Quality Counts Program
  16. The Quality Counts Takeaways

Module 8 – Successful Job Walkthroughs

  1. Successful Job Walkthroughs Introduction
  2. Preparation: Have a Purpose:
  3. Preparation: Become Familiar with the Job and Client Status
  4. Preparation: Scheduling the Site Inspection/ Walkthrough
  5. Preparation: Bring the Necessary Tools to the Walk Through
  6. Preparation: Prepare Strategies, Goals and an Agenda
  7. Presentation: Be In Charge
  8. Presentation: Set the Time and Day to Show the Landscape at It’s Best
  9. Presentation: Start the Walkthrough
  10. Presentation: End of the Walk Through
  11. Follow-Up, Follow -Up, Follow -Up
  12. Thinking Outside the Box – Using Today’s Technology

Module 9 – Success Behaviors

  1. Introduction: What is Behavior and what does it say about you?
  2. What are Success Behaviors and why are they important?
  3. What is Present – Prepared – Positive?
  4. Continuous Learning & Improvement
  5. Adapt to Changes, seek and embrace Innovation
  6. Respect for Others
  7. Team Orientation
  8. Execution: Consistent – Timely Delivery
  9. Passion – Enthusiasm – Driven – Balanced
  10. Integrity: Truthful, Moral, Ethical
  11. Problem Solver
  12. Have Specific Goals

Module 10 – Job Exits & Turnovers

  1. Job Exits & Job Turnovers Introduction
  2. Have a Job in Jeopardy Process
  3. Client Driven Exit Turnovers
  4. Organizational Driven Exit Turnover
  5. Lost Job Autopsy
  6. Job Exits / Turnover Process
  7. Job Exits / Turnover Tips Tactics and Techniques
  8. Module Review

Module 11 – New Job Start-Ups

  1. New Job Start-Ups Introduction
  2. The Pre-Job Start-Up Protocol
  3. Meet and Greet: Covering the Basics
  4. Job Review / Documentation of the Basics
  5. ID the BIG Four: Safety, Security, Liability, Asset Protection
  6. Establish a Starting Quality Counts! Score
  7. Build a Game Plan for the First 90 days
  8. Discover Enhancement Opportunities
  9. Tips for Turning Start-Ups into Enhancement Sales
  10. New Job Start-Up Review

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Tools Included with the Program!

Module 1 – Selling Enhancements

  • Master Enhancement Proposal Template
  • Developing a Master Client Enhancement Plan
  • Master Client Enhancement Plan – COMING SOON!
  • Service Rotation Work Flow Operations Plan – COMING SOON!

Module 2 – Pricing & Estimating Enhancements

  • Unit Price Sheet Example
  • Customer  Budget Worksheet
  • Enhancement Proposal Sample Specifications – COMING SOON!
  • Enhancement Estimating Bid Form – COMING SOON!
  • Production Rates, Volumes, Weights, & Measurements – COMING SOON!

Module 3 – Building & Sustaining Relationships

  • Client Profile
  • Client Satisfaction Survey
  • Customer Survey Overview

Module 4 – How to Retain & Renew Client Contracts

  • Contract Renew Language
  • Renewal Process
  • Sample Renewal Letter #1
  • Sample Renewal Letter #2
  • Sample Renewal Letter #3
  • Contract Renewal Checklist – COMING SOON!
  • Sample Scope of Service – COMING SOON!

Module 5 – Time Management

  • Harvest Your Time
  • Time Management Priority Checklist
  • Covey Quadrant – COMING SOON!
  • Fred’s To Do – COMING SOON!
  • Things To Do List – COMING SOON!
  • The Harvester Recommend – COMING SOON!

Module 6 – Client Conflict

  • At-Risk Meeting Tracking Template
  • Managing Moments of Truth
  • The Sound of Silence
  • Turning Complaints Into Compliments

Module 7 – Quality Counts

  • QC Program Overview
  • QC Sample Roll Out Agenda
  • QC Criteria Standards
  • QC Managers Guide
  • QC Score sheet
  • QC Score Sheet – Short Form
  • QC Action Items
  • QC 3 Levels of Quality
  • QC Rewards & Recognition Program
  • QC Spreadsheet
  • QC Improvement Techniques

Module 8 – Successful Job Walkthroughs

  • Job Walkthrough

Module 9 – Success Behaviors

  • Ten Ways To Practice Good Customer Service
  • How To Be Equipped For Service
  • Keep A “To Be” List
  • Serving Internal Clients
  • Account Manager Training Grow Card

Module 10 – Job Exits & Turnovers

  • Canceled Job Survey
  • Lost Job Autopsy
  • Termination Letter – COMING SOON!
  • Focus Group Questions for Managers – COMING SOON!
  • Focus Group Questions – COMING SOON!

Module 11 – New Job Start-Ups

  • New Job Start-Up Checklist
  • 30-60-90 Day Plan
  • Job Site Safety Assessment
  • New Client Welcome Aboard Letter – COMING SOON!
  • New Client Welcome Letter – COMING SOON!
  • 30 Day Start-Up Plan – COMING SOON!
  • Service Rotation Workflow Operations Plan – COMING SOON!

Interested in a great solution to train your Account Managers?

Account Managers

  1. The course will give you greater self-esteem because you will be more competent and professional in your job.
  2. The course will give you greater proficiency so you will be in line for promotions in your company.
  3. You will become more valuable in every way to your company, which will translate into more money for your company and for you.

Business Owners

  1. You will be able to hire from a broader range of people, even without experience, knowing they can learn much of what they need from this course.
  2. The investment in this course will help newly hired account managers and even seasoned account managers sharpen their skills.
  3. You may want to take this course so when hiring account managers in the future, you will be able to evaluate candidates even better.


We are so confident that you will feel you have gotten tremendous value for your money for our account manager course, we are willing to offer you a 100% money-back guarantee within the first 30days if you don’t think it’s worth it!

A Small Investment with a Great Return!

What Others Are Saying

Before our release, we decided to test the first module on a dozen or so account managers, the subject was How To Sell Enhancement Work.

Drew, an account manager in Florida said,

“ It was great, engaging, I took a ton of notes, some of it reaffirmed what I knew but…. well…. all I can say is, I’m going to learn a lot and implement much of what I learned.”

He then added,

“I think area managers, plant health care managers, production managers and irrigation managers should all take this course.”

I asked him how he liked to consume the course content which he replied,

“ I didn’t watch videos daily, mostly three or four at a time but five was my limit. Too much to take in at one time.”

I saved the BIG question for last, I asked him if he was selling more work as a result of the course, he responded,

“YES and I’m looking forward to take the rest of the course, when will it be available?”

Learn From The Harvesters!

Ed Laflamme LIC

Ed Laflamme LIC

started his own business from scratch, built it up, sold it and then wrote a book about how he did it. So, he’s been there. He understands your frustrations, worries and concerns. Some of you may want to buy companies, while others may want to sell the one you own. You need expert assessment and guidance before you can move forward. Ed has experience in this area. He is recognized as a CLP: Certified Landscape Professional. Read Ed's full bio.

Fred Haskett

Fred Haskett

Is a Green Industry veteran who has more than 35 years of professional management experience leading and developing regional multi-state and multi-unit companies. Fred, has had a diverse career spanning both the lawncare and landscape maintenance industry segments. As a Head Harvester he will bring tremendous experience in operations, finances, sales, marketing and franchising. Fred is a landscape industry certified manager, certified arborist, certified turfgrass professional and in 2006 was named an NALP Trailblazer. Read Fred's full bio.