Account Manager Training Course


Account Manager Training Course ( 1 Year Access)

Harvesters Fred, Bill and Ed have created the first online comprehensive course on how to be a truly successful and valuable account manager.  We did it because after working with hundreds of companies they had no training for one of the most important positions in the company!

  • Single User $895
  • 2 Users $795 each
  • 3 Users  $695 each
  • 4-6 Users $595 each
  • 7-10 Users  $495 each
  • 11+ Users + $395 each

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Harvesters Fred, Bill and Ed have created the first online comprehensive course on how to be a truly successful and valuable account manager.

Why we felt compelled to create this course because we’ve worked with hundreds of companies and none of them had even a basic training course, for debatably the most important position in the company!


  • 11 Modules
  • 150+ Lessons
  • 16+ Hours of Content
  • Supporting Tools (Click Here To See The Included Tools!)
  • ACCESS to a private Facebook Group where experiences and successes can be shared.
  • Monthly Teleconference where all students can join in to ask questions to Harvesters Ed, Fred, and Bill.
  • Certificate of Completion – Substantiate your knowledge and experience when pursuing promotions and positions.


  • Selling Enhancements
  • Pricing & Estimating Enhancements
  • Building & Sustaining Customer Relationships
  • How To Retain & Renew Client Contracts
  • Time Management
  • Client Conflict
  • Quality Counts
  • Successful Job Walkthroughs
  • Success Behaviors
  • Job Exits & Turnovers
  • New Job Start-Ups

See the Lesson Outline Here!

What Others Are Saying

Before our release, we decided to test the first module on a dozen or so account managers, the subject was How To Sell Enhancement Work.

Drew, an account manager in Florida said, “ It was great, engaging, I took a ton of notes, some of it reaffirmed what I knew but…. well…. all I can say is, I’m going to learn a lot and implement much of what I learned.”

He then added, “I think area managers, plant health care managers, production managers and irrigation managers should all take this course.” I asked him how he liked to consume the course content which he replied, “ I didn’t watch videos daily, mostly three or four at a time but five was my limit. Too much to take in at one time.”

I saved the BIG question for last, I asked him if he was selling more work as a result of the course, he responded, “YES and I’m looking forward to take the rest of the course, when will it be available?”

Example Lesson

Account Managers

  1. The course will give you greater self-esteem because you will be more competent and professional in your job.
  2. The course will give you greater proficiency so you will be in line for promotions in your company.
  3. You will become more valuable in every way to your company, which will translate into more money for your company and for you. 

Business Owners

  1. You will be able to hire from a broader range of people, even without experience, knowing they can learn much of what they need from this course.
  2. The investment in this course will help newly hired account managers and even seasoned account managers sharpen their skills.
  3. You may want to take this course so when hiring account managers in the future, you will be able to evaluate candidates even better.

Return On Investment – What You Really Need To Ask Yourself

When purchasing something, EVERYONE wants to know “What’s in it for me?”. Not only is that a fair question, but it is also essential.

Food For Thought 

How many enhancements would it take to pay for this course?

How many proposing mistakes would need to be fixed to pay for this course?

How many saved clients would it take to pay for this course?

How much of an increase in the renewal rate would it take to pay for this course?

We think that it could be argued that improvement in any of these areas would easily pay for your Account Managers to take this course. 

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We are so confident that you will feel you have gotten tremendous value for your money for our account manager course, we are willing to offer you a 100% money-back guarantee within the first 30days if you don’t think it’s worth it!


Single User $895

2 Users $795 each

3 Users  $695 each

4-6 Users $595 each

7-10 Users  $495 each

11+ Users + $395 each

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