Take it from an expert – solving the recruiting puzzle.

You won’t believe who The Harvesters met on the trade show floor at Landscapes 2018 in Louisville. None other than entrepreneur Seabrook Riddle.

Seabrook owns eight different companies from full-service landscaping, snow plowing, party rentals, marketing, storm restorations, private investigating, home inspections and lastly, consulting. Holly cow, that’s amazing! He’s amazing.

Finding people to staff all these companies is a full-time job, that’s for sure.

Be sure and watch this quick video to hear Riddle’s solid advice on how he solves the recruiting puzzle.

Seabrook is a marketer extraordinaire as well!  Be sure to watch the video to the very end and he will show you something 

I am sure you have NEVER SEEN BEFORE. What a hoot!

Not only will The Harvesters help you Harvest Your Potential this week, but we’re going to give you a good laugh as well!

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