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June 23 @ 11:00 am - 4:30 pm

Harvester Fred Haskett says:

Where there is smoke, there is fire! Because there is money burning in your yard and on your job sites every morning, every day and every night.

Why? “Non-billable time.” This waste can burn up your company’s profits.

You know things like job site sequencing, job briefings, directions, routing, equipment repair, paperwork, fueling, loading, unloading, truck washing, equipment maintenance, blade changing…the list goes on.

Do you ask yourself:

  • Why is our job efficiency so poor?
  • Why is my overtime through the roof?
  • Why can’t we hit our hours budgets?
  • Why am I not hitting my gross margin goals?

Maybe you should be asking:

  • How much non-billable time is occurring (burning) in your company?
  • Are your operations running as efficiently as possible?
  • Can efficiency be improved and result in improved profits?

Non-billable hours can run 10 to 20% of your labor costs burning $1,000s.

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One that puts more MONEY in your pocket

Yes, We Know Your Struggles!

Fred Haskett has been an owner. He has served as president, vice president, regional manager and division manager for several leading landscape companies.

He has had P&L responsibility for multi-state and multi-branch operations with revenues exceeding $45 million annually. During his career, Fred has directly managed the PROFITABLE production of more than $70 million in lawn care and tree care services, and $180 million in landscape services.

The problem is do we – as owners and managers – know how to ANALYZE and CHANGE our operations the RIGHT WAY?

What are you going to do about it? Join Harvester Fred Haskett for a deep dive into operational efficiency. You will learn how to uncover and deal with these inefficiencies, and ultimately put more cash in your pocket. Many Harvest clients have increased their net profits between 1 to 5 percent, that’s HUGE!

He will give you recommendations and tools to immediately start improving your outcomes and achieving your savings. This presentation leads attendees through the processes of morning mobilization, daily procedures, job site sequencing and evening wrap-up. It will help you understand how to audit your operation, uncover those inefficiencies and implement changes the will make the day flow better, reduce stress and increase profits.

Here’s what’s included in the seminar…THE TOOLS!

  • AM / PM Process
  • Daily procedures template
  • Job sequencing for mowing operations
  • Job sequencing for detail operations
  • Procedure templates (Ex: spring and fall clean-ups, mulch installation, color planting, bed edging)


June 23
11:00 am - 4:30 pm