The Harvesters are at LANDSCAPES-18 at the Exmark booth in Louisville and Loyd is showing them their new stand on mower called the Exmark Staris.

Now the Harvesters rarely promote products unless they totally believe in them but this is one they want you to learn about it.

In this quick clip, Loyd will talk about some of the features and benefits of Exmark Staris, how compact it is, how fast it is, what an amazing cut, why The Harvesters even noted its even got air conditioning, LOL.

Seriously, one thing he doesn’t talk about (they think cause he’s one of those engineer types) is the price but when The Harvesters learned what it was they were really impressed and they think you will be as well.

Hey check it out…. CLICK HERE!

The Harvesters are always trying to help you Harvest Your Potential and having reliable efficient equipment is certainly one way to help for sure.

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