The 10 Fundamentals for Growing Forward Leadership

In this e-newsletter, the Harvesters present the 10th and final fundamental for

“Growing Forward Leaders” to model and implement with their team during challenging times.

Remember you leaders out there: “It all starts and ends with you, the leader.”

Our last fundamental focuses on a fun part of our role as a leader and one that needs to be embraced by “Growing Forward Leaders” and “Best in Class” companies: Celebrate! Yes, CELEBRATE!

Fundamental 10:  Celebrate!

Here are some ways that leaders and organizations can CELEBRATE!

Make Time to CELEBRATE:

  • Celebrate both Great and Small Victories!
    Find simple things to celebrate and be positive about. Hey we are, persistently performing and persevering and we are still moving  forward in a positive ways with: ________(fill in the blank) our growth, our client retention, our safety record.
  • Be Thankful and Grateful for What you do Have
    Don’t wallow in woulda’, coulda’, shoulda’. Think about what you do have and just be thankful, OK?
  • Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude
    We have the opportunity to choose our attitude every day. What attitude do you choose? As the leader of your organization you need to set the tone each day. Ask your people what your tone is. This will give you perspective on what attitude you are projecting.

“Growing Forward Leaders” please ask yourselves:

When was the last time you and your organization CELEBRATED something? If you answered I can’t remember then remember this: we all need to stand back and put things into perspective and take a little time out to CELEBRATE. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or cost anything, but it does take a little time and thought. Being the leader, you can create such a positive influence by having a little fun and celebration.


Now I know I don’t have to tell the majority of you out there how to celebrate because I’ve celebrated with several of you personally, but here a few tips for those who have forgotten or are just too darn busy to recognize the importance of this fundamental.

  • Spontaneous or Planned
    Throw a pizza feed, a barbecue or go bowling and celebrate! Have a section in your staff meeting to celebrate. Have a board in your shop or office to post victories. Maybe a “Wall of Fame” with letters and e-mails from happy customers. Heck, I can remember we used to celebrate our first rain day of the season with a taco feed for our supervisors to celebrate the end of summer! We used to have code words “planning meeting tonight” for pizza and libations at the local brewery. Many great ideas were actually written on napkins during these sessions that were later successfully implemented, honest!
  • Meals and Gatherings
    Usually there is nothing quite like a bite to eat to go along with your celebration. One of our Harvest Group members recently took all of their middle mangers and their spouses to a fancy restaurant at a Disney Resort to CELBRATE their outstanding safety record and lower worker comp mod rate! Try to incorporate some eats or treats with your celebrations.
  • Rewards and Recognition
    Sure money is a nice way to help with celebrations but it doesn’t have to be a monetary reward. Verbal acknowledgment in front of the group is a simple as it gets, and often goes a long way. Maybe it’s some time off, a coveted parking space, an upgraded vehicle, a gift card, a dinner for the family or spouse and employee, a family portrait, a weekend getaway, or a trip to the PLANET GIC. Keep it simple, be specific with what it’s for and keep them coming. Positive reinforcement goes a long, long way.

“Growing Forward Leaders” recognize the importance to make the time to celebrate. Leaders use this fundamental to help build their team “esprit de corps” or “team spirit” and foster a truly positive culture.

So there you have the 10 Fundamentals for “Growing Forward Leadership.” We suggest that you keep these in mind when you are thinking about ways to lead your team through challenging times like we experiencing in today’s turbulent environment.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Growing Forward Leader please contact us

– Harvester Bill

Bill Arman

worked for and helped grow one of the biggest landscape outfits in the country. He’s seen how the big boys do it, how their systems and structures work. So his know-how is rooted in recruiting, hiring, training and growing great people—that along with quality assurance. Bill, alone, has gone on 15,000 quality site visits in his career. Nobody else has that, not that we know of anyway. He received Lawn and Landscape/ Bayer Environmental Science's 2006 Leadership Award. Read Bill's full bio.