It’s been a busy season and your day-to-day activities have probably been your primary focus.  Now that we’ve hit the mid-year mark, have you looked at how you are doing with your 2021 goals? 

Ask yourself –

  • Are you hitting your budget in terms of revenue?  
  • Is your gross margin within your desired %? 
  • Were you able to fill your  newly created positions?  
  • Are your customers happy? 
  • Are your employees satisfied? 

In order to stay on track with your annual goals  now is the time to review those goals and adjust your course, if needed.  If you and your team are on track and hitting those goals, have a celebration with your team!

Do you need some help reviewing those goals and results?  If you’re like me, it’s helpful to bounce ideas off someone.  I am offering a free 30-minute consultation for the first five landscapers who contact me to arrange a time.  We will discuss your goals and results on a confidential basis.  For me, I get to meet and know a bit about you! 

If you’d like to further discuss your company’s goals including readiness for sale, selling or buying a company, or if you would like help with an existing acquisition, please let us know. In the meantime, if you have questions or comments, I can be reached anytime via email: [email protected] or phone at: 224-688-8838. We’re here to help you Harvest Your Potential.

Alison Hoffman

has more than 25 years of experience in strategy, operations, mergers and acquisitions and delivering business-to-business client solutions. Her areas of expertise include managing operations for profitable growth, organizational design and strategy activation. She brings a wealth of experience through her work in evaluating, valuing and purchasing over 30 companies, leading company-wide cultural and business integration projects and consolidating best practices among business processes and corresponding computing systems. Read Full Bio