Have you held your annual planning meeting yet?  If not, mark it on your calendar today. You need to take 1% of your time to plan the other 99%, right?  

This week’s video looks in on the annual Harvest Group Summit held in June at Dana Point, California.  This is an important Strategy event, and although you will see the Harvesters having a great time, they take this planning session quite seriously.

Let’s look in as they each review the steps to having a great meeting, and how they make sure the action items they select are accomplished.

Oh, and before I forget, If you need advice preparing for or facilitating your planning session(most do), the Harvesters would love to help.

We hope our weekly video gives you the knowledge to help you…Harvest Your Potential!

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Harvester Chris Darnell

If closing sales in the digital era feels as though it eludes you, you’re not alone. In a day and age where it’s nearly impossible to get valuable face-time anymore, even the most successful “closers” in the Landscape and Snow Removal Industry say they’ve had to adapt their strategies to succeed. Of course, keeping up with the everchanging digital environmental is no small feat. On top of all of the other responsibilities, you have in running your business, developing a sales and marketing strategy that is adapted to the newest technology—and will be able to reach clients of younger generations—may sound downright overwhelming.

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