The Harvesters are with Bobby and Lauren owners of Maple Hill Lawn & Garden in Maryland.  These folks are one of the three companies in the “Turnaround Tour” for 2019.  The February issue of Lawn & Landscape Magazine will feature a story about all three of the winning companies.

For two days the four poured over every aspect of Maple Hill. Once that was done they came to an agreement on a three-year financial projection.

The next step in the Harvesters process is to create a Playbook that contains the action steps needed to accomplish the financial goals that were set.  The Harvesters sent this to them shortly after their visit.

Look in as the Harvesters review their numbers and their planning process.  If you haven’t done your planning for 2019 as yet, hopefully this short clip will encourage you to do it. The Harvesters hope their message in this video helps you to, Harvest Your Potential!


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