Have you ever attended the national landscape convention held in Louisville, KY put on by NALP, the National Association of Landscape Professionals? If not, The Harvesters urge you to make this the year you go. It will blow you away!

Watch their quick video showing one of the most popular events, “The Breakfast of Champions”. Each group of 10 landscapers per table talk for over an hour on one subject and there are some 50 different topics that are discussed.

If you haven’t signed up yet then go to the NALP website for further information. Register and reserve your hotel rooms today!

Enjoy the video, as the Harvesters work to help you, Harvest Your Potential!

P.S. I don’t want to forget to tell you that Harvesters Fred, Steve, Bill & Ed will all be doing seminars this year. Check the conference agenda and we’ll be giving you details as we get closer.