The Harvesters are in their second season on the Turn Around Tour with Lawn & Landscape Magazine and it has been a resounding success. If you followed us one company tripled their profits, the other that was “stuck” increased their sales by over 20% and the third decided to abandon their construction department and focus on what was really making money, their maintenance.

Watch this short clip when The Harvesters met with Gabe Labato late last year. Gabe is the owner of La Cholla Landscaping in Tuscan, Arizona. Gabe was selected as one of the Turn Around Tour members this season. You can read more about him in June 2018 issue of Lawn & Landscape issue.

Would you like to be coached by the Harvesters at no charge for one full year… watch the brief clip and then click the link below for more information.

The Harvesters hope their ideas help you, Harvest Your Potential!

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