The Harvesters this week are going to talk about two crazy HR stories that could have gotten their clients in BIG trouble. That’s just a few of the stories you’ll hear if you come to their People Academy Live Event (PAL).

Do you know what needs to go in an HR handbook?  What  insurance you need to protect you from HR law suits?  How  to write a great ad to attract new employees?  How to pre-screen potential candidates on the phone? And tons more.

What about you, how well do you know how to hire, recruit, on board and keep your people?

If you’re not rock solid in this area mark your calendar and sign up today. One former attendee said he was just “blown away” with what he learned and said every business owner needs to attend. Click the button under the video for more information.

As always The Harvesters hope all of this information helps you,
Harvest Your Potential!