This week the Harvesters are going to talk about a question that comes up quite often. If you have GPS in your vehicles, do you have to tell your employees?

What do you think? Find out the answer by clicking below.

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Definitely inform everyone about GPS. It is just the right thing to do. When you decided to hire your employees you were initially trusting them to work their jobs in an honest and professional manner. To spy on them and try to catch aberrant behavior and having the inevitable confrontation is a stressful “lose-lose” for all parties. Avoid this at all costs. Granted GPS is the employers equivalent of “leashing the dog” but with so much potential liability the employer has no choice. If you have a handbook devote a whole section to GPS.

Yes, tell them that we have GPS installed on the trucks. Our goal should be efficient, honest employees.
Having said that, if we discover anything troubling with the GPS tracking of their activity, we should immediately ‘write up’ that person/crew to motive them to stop the behavior.

I agree with Gray Jason-if you detect any GPS issue immediate response is the only way to go. Yours actions lose their impact if you let it go too long.

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