Many landscape companies fail to train their people, why? They say they don’t have time or the cost is too high.

What is the result? Poor quality, inefficiency, lack of safety, and upset customers. This all leads too low or zero profits.

The Harvesters are joined by Jay Murray the founder of Greenius online training for landscapers. Jay has done testing using his training platform that proves, training increases profits.

Listen in as he explains.

If owners make sure their people are properly trained they will for sure, Harvest Their Potential because they are Harvesting their people’s potential. A true win-win.

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When asking one Harvest “one to one” client how

he likes his new Verizon system, he said:

“I don’t know how we lived without it! Now we know exactly where our crews are or have been. We stopped one really harsh driver that was abusing our truck, stopped the unscheduled mid-day and end of day stops and it’s helping us in our job costing. It has substantially increased our bottom line this year! And my wife loves it cause it’s so user-friendly.”

B.W. Maple Hill Landscaping

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“BOSS is very intuitive, and our crews caught on very quickly. I can get INSTANTANEOUS information.  I have a snapshot of all of our activities literally at the push of a button.”

– Engledow Group, Jim Engledow

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